"I give up" Joe Chen Wang Kai film exposure Sina diamond cuts diamond entertainment news by Dream Star Park film produced by students, Joe Chen and Wang Kai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Qiao Renliang, [micro-blog], Chen Ran [micro-blog], starring Zhang Xuanrui fashion urban drama "give up I take my" today finally announced the given file, will be landing in Hunan TV crisis in December 14th, settling for a long time the warm heart department of high order bits will love inspirational gorgeous broken shell, good "love the world" also looking forward to the audience and fans. Joe Chen s "Li Erwei" "tongue" Wang Kai firepower before starting the trailers, romantic and fashionable film filled with left a deep impression to the audience and fans. And the release of "love the world" trailer "anti routine" cards, hand scissors are out of fashion show except sloppily also happy. Trailers, Queen Joe Chen two seconds Tokebis Wei, not only the brain hole is elegant, and Tucao skill value MAX, he also Tucao ruthlessly: "Li Weiwei you or the person?" Just a minute trailers, Joe Chen two Wei funny elves interpretation to the extreme, it can with friend Wang Kai Dazui guns, Wu from the three meter high tree free fall, directly overwhelm the opponent. Wang Kai show "360 degrees president" tongue side, Joe Chen is also facing the quarrelsome lovers "no mercy" chunqiangshezhan firepower, this relentless Soar: "evil woman like you, I was not interested at all." In today’s exposure to the stills, Wang Kai is the president’s fan in the end, a hand to hold Joe Chen’s wrist, gazing at staged eyes kill showdown. However, "the only couple" two people in such a pink bubble will you come to me once again spawned trailers are not serious confrontation caused a lot of laughter. Joe Chen harem complete love to whirling in the junction of trailers, Li Weiwei (Joe Chen ornaments) feelings towards also unpredictable, side with Chen Yidu (Wang Kai ornaments) aggressive ambiguous interaction, while being told is Huo Xiao (Qiao Renliang) girlfriend back home, but discovered age seventeen the mysterious boy LEO (Zhang Xuanrui), a day at the same time collect "boyfriend" three, such feelings to ban whirling, netizens brain hole wide open. Two Wei harem set together, so it seems, the total number of competitors really a lot." "This is really God’s story, every relationship seems to have a lot of play, think about a little look forward to." But it is understood that the Li Weiwei day set by Qi Sanmei boyfriend amnesia is oolong, and she and Chen Yidu were found at the beginning of heart is the main melody of the story. Which is different from the previous one of the little words of love, the biggest bright spot is the "double president" set. As "the Devil Wears Prada" Li Weiwei and also your "overbearing president" Chen Yidu, two people for each other’s lovers also as competitors, so whether it is business or above life, two people are just perfect diamond cuts diamond. Even if the queen turned Tokebis two Wei Wei ", it still maintained a leading forward posture. December 1)相关的主题文章: