In 2 billion 600 million Thatcher rural network to create the largest B2B national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide 28, zall Group Chairman Yan Zhi and Shenzhen Zhongnong network Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wei Zhe signed the agreement in Wuhan, to HK $2 billion 600 million acquisition of 60.49% stake in agricultural products. In the largest agricultural products of B2B company, means that the drow qianyiji industry group to enter the Internet camp, at Chinese largest B2B business enterprise. After the completion of the acquisition, Wei Zhe will by the independent directors zall group transferred to the executive director and chief strategy officer, and continue to serve as chairman of the rural network. Yan Zhi said at the signing ceremony, Yu Gang, Wei and other big Internet cafes together, zall group is confident to create the world’s largest trading platform, Chinese largest B2B Internet trading service company, to create a new ecological China Internet industry and business transactions. Wei said, zall group has undergone a qualitative change, the transformation of e-commerce has been very fruitful. Alibaba made the largest B2B, but it is mainly based on information, trading as a supplement, can not be fully involved in the logistics of agricultural products such as logistics, financial dependence of the species. In the past five years, the middle peasants do net agricultural products B2B business is the first, at least sugar is way ahead Chinese opponent, three sugar, at least one port is middle network’s transaction, transaction, delivery, delivery. He believes that cooperation with the middle peasants drow network two platform, in the capital, talent, business cooperation and other aspects, will break through the traditional enterprise 1+1 the effect of more than 2 Internet companies have a multiplier effect, unique, 1+1 greater than 10. Cnamp Shenzhen Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2011, to provide trading and service platform for agricultural products industry chain enterprises, in the sugar trading market share long-term first, and successfully expand comprehensive trading silk, fruit and Eucalyptus board and other agricultural products, the annual turnover exceeded 100 billion. As a Chinese vertical electric field pioneer, rural network has already formed the structure of trade and finance, trade, logistics and other diversified income, sustained profitability and strong growth. In 2015, the main business income of 12 billion 700 million yuan in agricultural products, agricultural products spot settlement amount of more than 4 million tons, the supply chain finance funds amounted to 7 billion yuan. The former Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe Ren chairman Zhongnong website. Zall group focused on wholesale market supply chain and property transaction services, mainly to provide wholesale trade, logistics, warehousing, financial property, online trading, big data service chain for customers. Since this year, zall group to accelerate the layout of industrial areas of the Internet, moves frequently remarkable. Following the set of potential become Lanting Pavilion’s largest shareholder, to build the country’s first O2O foreign trade integration business platform after the merger, harvest gold clothing and other drow established financial group, set up innovative workshops in hand drow intelligent trading industry fund, leading intelligent business ecosystem began to take shape. At present, the Internet wholesale trading platform zall purchase transaction volume has exceeded 37 billion zall group, entered the domestic electricity supplier first camp. theory相关的主题文章: