In August the fund income guaranteed across the board is still the absolute protagonist – fund market by Shenzhen channel in August through the opening of the expected warming and other good news, the market was xianyanghouyi trend. Although most of the industry sector with the stock index rose, but the range is limited, only the real estate sector rose more than 1%. In this context, the performance of public funds rose across the board, had not been concerned about the QDII products become the market star, the average monthly increase of more than 4%. The industry believes that, although the first day of September fell, but the market sentiment is not pessimistic, SOE reform and other sectors with investment opportunities. Data show that in August raised the average income of public funds rose across the board, the overall yield of the fund reached 0.8%. Among them, the QDII product yields in the top 4.51%, the main investment in the concept of stocks in the product yield. Yinhua HSI classification B, bank card in the overseas Chinese Internet Index, the Hang Seng B universal four products, in August more than 10% rate of return. Partial stock fund products have achieved positive earnings. Stock funds average yield reached 2.26%, selection of 10000 mixing, the culmination of cutting-edge industries two products, one month or more than 10%. Hybrid funds, or more than 6% of the number of products reached only 11. Although the performance of the public fund to pick up, but the number of fund sales is still worrying, guaranteed product is still the absolute protagonist of the fund issued in the market. Statistics show that in August the total fund share of 5 billion 335 million copies, Sheng Shenghui mixed A C to 600 million copies to raise the share of the top, Nord, Bo Li Tianxi bond money raised only 200 million. The mixed type and the stock type two equity fund fund to raise the share is often low, the majority concentrated near the line was established in 200 million yuan. Yesterday is the first trading day of September, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city late diving. Although lose the first battle, but the industry believes that the economy steady for the better, liquidity is relatively abundant in the background, September A shares market have a greater probability of continuation of the rebound. Central fund name Long Cao believes that in terms of private investment or government investment growth trend is more optimistic, the overall economic trend of improvement is a high probability event in the future to within half a year. Zhong Lu fund research center, believes that the A shares market operation since June showed strong stability, under the pattern of the stock of the game no stock index rose fell, but with a slow upward shocks in August hit a 7 month high, reflecting the pattern of stock index shocks city is still upside desire. Although the process of suffering, but the market center slowly move up the process of market confidence gradually picked up, the market is expected to remain the main trend of rising volatility.相关的主题文章: