In China this year and strive to shut down backward coal 1000 of China’s coal industry restructuring eliminated 60 million tons of backward production capacity this year, according to Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the National Energy Bureau announced that, to promote the field of energy supply side structural reforms, to resolve the overcapacity in the coal industry, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, shut down backward coal mine in 2016 and strive to over 1000, the total production capacity of 60 million tons, and to promote the coal industry mergers and acquisitions. The news released on the day of the National Energy Board showed that the Bureau recently held a meeting to deploy energy system reform. National energy secretary Nur · Bekri said, facing the development of crack energy norm under the traditional energy overcapacity, renewable energy development bottleneck of energy system, overall operating efficiency of the outstanding problems, we must innovate the energy mechanism, vigorously promote energy supply side structural reform. In addition to resolve the overcapacity, coal Nur · Bekri, to resolve the overcapacity in coal. To strictly control the scale of new construction of coal, power redundant area according to the actual situation, to cancel a number of do not have the conditions of the project approval, approval to suspend a number of coal power project, or a number of approved projects. Using the market mechanism to speed up the reform of the electricity market, the newly approved generating units participate in the electricity market transactions in principle. At the same time, efforts should be made to solve the problems of abandoning water, abandoning the wind and abandoning the light. He said, in order to optimize the control increment, according to the plan effectively grasp the hydroelectric power plant, the pace of development, the development of wind power, photovoltaic, biomass, geothermal energy to the nearest consumptive. To resolve the consumptive stock, optimizing system operation, to encourage the development of pumped storage power peaking power supply, improve the utilization efficiency of inter provincial transmission channel. Nur · Bekri also introduced to promote the reform of the electricity market, electricity price cut; accelerate the establishment of power market, direct trade, release and sale of electricity tariff, strict control of electricity transmission and distribution grid companies, lower price, and promote the development of the full release of the reform dividend. In addition, after the central deliberation and introduction of several opinions on deepening the reform of the petroleum and natural gas system, we should make great efforts to study and formulate special reform programs and related supporting documents, and carry out comprehensive pilot or special pilot projects for oil and gas reform in some provinces and municipalities. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

我国今年力争关闭落后煤矿1000处 推动行业重组   我国煤炭落后产能今年淘汰6000万吨   据新华社电昨天,国家能源局发布消息说,要推进能源领域供给侧结构性改革,化解煤炭行业过剩产能,加快淘汰落后产能,2016年力争关闭落后煤矿1000处以上,合计产能6000万吨,并推动煤炭行业兼并重组。   国家能源局当日发布的消息显示,该局近日召开会议部署能源体制改革。国家能源局局长努尔·白克力说,破解新常态下能源发展面临的传统能源产能过剩、可再生能源发展瓶颈制约、能源系统整体运行效率不高等突出问题,必须创新能源体制机制,大力推进能源供给侧结构性改革。   除了化解煤炭过剩产能,努尔·白克力介绍,要化解煤电过剩产能。严格控制煤电新开工规模,对存在电力冗余的地区要根据实际情况,取消一批不具备核准条件的项目,暂缓一批煤电项目核准,缓建一批已核准项目。利用市场机制倒逼,加快推进电力市场化改革,新核准的发电机组原则上参与电力市场交易。   同时,要着力解决弃水、弃风、弃光问题。他说,要优化控制增量,根据规划有效把握水电、核电发展节奏,发展风电、光伏、生物质能、地热能以就近消纳为主。化解消纳存量,优化系统调度运行,鼓励发展抽水蓄能等调峰电源,提高跨省跨区输电通道利用效率。   努尔·白克力还介绍,要推进电力市场化改革,降低电力价格;加快建立电力市场,实现直接交易,放开上网电价和销售电价,严格管控电网企业输配电价,充分释放降电价、促发展等改革红利。此外,在中央审议出台《关于深化石油天然气体制改革的若干意见》后,抓紧研究制定专项改革方案和相关配套文件,并在部分省市开展油气改革综合试点或专项试点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: