In Goa: India "Macao" by the BRIC summit to the world – China News Agency, Beijing in Goa on 14 October, (reporter Zhou Rui) if you want to list the world’s few tourists have not Chinese known tourist destination, the BRICs summit will be held in India is undoubtedly one of goa. Along the coast of Arabia is long and narrow distribution, with fantastic beaches of Goa in India, although the area is smallest, but the per capita income is three times the national average. Over the past year more than 5 million tourists visit to Goa, including foreign tourists accounted for less than 20%, China tourists is less and less. In the outside world, an important consideration in this BRICs summit is held in India to show the world. The summit time coincides with the golden Goa tourist period (October to April) opened, the venue of the summit also selected in South Goa district famous beach. Cherish the opportunities brought about by the summit. Goa chief minister laxmi-kant Parsekar said the BRIC summit will become a milepost of Goa development, "the leaders reached the declaration to Goa is named, not only can let the city be history, but will let the world know". Parsekar admitted that the road widening, site beautification and security are three major challenges of the BRICs summit held in goa. And these problems are in fact as long as out of Goa Airport: the airport to glance on both sides of South Goa road there are still a large number of areas in the construction, is not wide on the road from time to time there will be through the herd. But for the summit to rally Goa everywhere. Airport layout of a large number of BRIC summit logo, and even a brief introduction of the first BRIC summit U17 football game posters. Outside the airport on both sides of the road and a lot of advertising related to the summit, the taxi driver said, just the night before, the workers are still working overtime laying LED lights. In the middle of the road with the isolation of the poles, the leaders of the BRIC countries in accordance with the photos of the "BRICS" in the order of the suspension, the picture is also very decorative art. For example, the Chinese President Xi Jinping photos of the border is filled with Chinese red, above the picture is the Chinese Hello two words, the picture below is equipped with a silhouette of Tiantan. Although in Goa Chinese face does not see more, but to become a world-class tourist resort of Goa won’t ignore all over the world to buy China tourists. The Chief Secretary Abang R.K.Srivastava said, the local will do good to ensure the hospitality of a host, the summit have a unique style and unforgettable. People look forward to the arrival of Goa China VIP reception, and more China tourists and entrepreneurs. Neotia, President of the India Federation of industry and Commerce Harshavardhan also stressed the importance of attracting Chinese tourists, to increase business opportunities, we must first increase the flow of personnel. If this concept is established, there will be more business opportunities. In fact, Goa does not lack China elements, street Chinese intelligent mobile phone ads everywhere. The local tourist industry has also found the historical origin with china. )相关的主题文章: