India’s prime minister Modi’s visit to Japan on nuclear security cooperation – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, according to Japanese media reports, Prime Minister of India Modi local time 10 days this month, arrived in Japan for a visit, he will be on the 11 day and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo held a summit meeting, and held a joint press conference. Reported that, in view of India’s first high-speed railway construction plan will use the new route mode of Japan, Modi will be 12, accompanied by Andouble visited Hyogo Japan’s Shinkansen factory. Data figure: modi is expected to be signed by the two sides at the summit of the nuclear energy agreement, so that Japan exports to India nuclear power plant is possible. This is Japan’s first nuclear country with not to join the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) countries signed a nuclear agreement. To this end, the two sides are negotiating to develop a written document, written once India restart nuclear test, Japan will immediately stop the content of cooperation. In addition, the summit will also be included in the summary of the high speed rail plan specific duration and other documents. Two people will also negotiate security cooperation. Data figure: Abe Shinzo reported that Abe and Modi will be 12, take a new route to hyogo. At the end of the luncheon hosted by Andouble, will visit the Shinkansen factory. In addition, Modi will also meet with the emperor of Japan before the 11 summit. Modi 9 in India, capital of New Delhi, said the Japanese media said, Japan has the funds, India has the opportunity to develop infrastructure, called for the promotion of the development of mutual benefit based on the two countries. It is understood that this is the second time since 2014 Mr modi’s visit to japan. He advocated by the India manufacturing (Make in India) and other policies to revitalize the manufacturing sector, has been to Europe and the United States and Asia, more than 40 countries outside the visit, launched a Abe like modi version of the globe diplomacy". Andouble and Modi held talks in New Delhi in December 2015, the two sides signed a nuclear agreement reached a principled consensus.相关的主题文章: