Insurance When it .es to classic cars, you just can"t trust a regular car insurance .pany. Regular car insurance doesn"t take into account the true value of a classic car. They will rarely insure a car for more than its over-10 year old depreciated value. A classic car in the hands of regular car insurance is like a diamond in the hands of a toddler. No, you need a special car insurance .pany that understands your classic"s worth. This need for specialty car insurance gave rise to hundreds of collector, classic or sometimes called antique car insurance .panies. Now, if you have a classic car, it is much cheaper to insure this from one of the specialty car insurance .panies like Haggerty, Grundy or the AARP than with regular car insurance .panies. Here are a few things you need to know about online vintage car insurance and the .panies that provide it. They usually have conditions or restrictions like the ones below: "Limited Miles: Some .panies will measure your annual mileage and require that you meet their mileage limits in order to be covered. "Driver age requirements: This is the minimum age a driver needs to be in order to qualify for classic car insurance. It varies from .pany to .pany. "Daily Driver requirement: Most .panies will require that you have a separate car that you can use for your daily .mute so that your classic car remains in top quality. "Garage requirement: Antique car owners need to have an enclosed and secure area to protect the car from natural elements like hail, rain and even excessive sunlight. If you don"t meet these conditions, classic auto insurance will usually not work out much cheaper than standard insurance. These specialty insurance .panies know how much your car means to you and that you will take good care of it so the risk of damage is lower. The restrictions they impose are to protect themselves from running into a loss. There are a few things you should look for, some essentials so to speak of classic car insurance policies: "Agreed Value: This is the value you will get if the car is totaled; it is the value that you that the insurance .pany agrees to give you. This value is usually very close to the current appreciated market-value and that is what you would always want. "Flexible premiums: A few .panies will track your miles and vary your premium accordingly so you need not pay for more than you use. "Shipping coverage: If you know that you"re going to need to ship your car to a car show or a vacation spot, make sure you get any damages that might occur while shipping covered through your insurance .pany as well. "Car show coverage: Believe it or not, car shows do occasionally leave your precious possession with some damage. Taking the car out is always somewhat of a risk. Some insurance .panies have a special section for this kind of coverage! Now once you know what to look for and what conditions most .panies impose, you can find ways to get an even more affordable car insurance rate by looking for discounts. Some insurance .panies offer discounts for low mileage cars or for installing particular anti-theft features. But you can also get a discount for being a senior (50 years or older) by buying classic or antique car insurance from the AARP/Hartford Program. The details of their program are neatly enlisted on their website and it"s a great option for the retired classic car connoisseur. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: