The new achievements of Intel: 500 UAVs performing together light show – Sohu technology 500 aircraft with light UAV regularly in the sky mobile, incarnation as a picture and a picture like a picture. In November 4th, Tmall in the "double 11" global ecological Powerise summit, Intel CEO division again odd speech, and also show a feat — Intel has created 500 drones simultaneously launch, and formations show light show. Of course, if you have the impression that this scene is not strange. At the beginning of this year’s CES 2016 Intel has successfully test flight of the formation of 100 unmanned aerial vehicles, and then had to get the Guinness book of world records. The picture from the Gizmodo in addition to the number of "leapfrog growth", another aspect is the upgrading of 500 UAVs virtually all from Intel, the UAV is called Intel Shooting Star (Intel shooting stars, not serious pollution). Intel also announced that the key parameters of machine parts: in addition to these conventional parameters, the UAV has also done a lot of optimization for the "light show" in the structure and shape of the details: flexible foam and no screw body structure design; and the overall external propeller plastic protective cover; also the whole paper waterproof splash resistant treatment even if the rain can fly. The key components of LED lamp light show the same ambiguity, and internal integration of red green and blue and white four kinds of light source, the number of colors can be combined Intel official 4 billion. Of course, from a technical point of view, the most critical is how to control the 500 unmanned aerial vehicles, flying through the hands of the 500 synchronization control is inevitable. According to the official information released by the Intel, the 500 unmanned aerial vehicles in the light of the actual needs of the team needs only 10 people, and the key to fly and manipulate only need to complete the 1 people on the computer. At the same time, Intel also revealed that these UAV action coordination, changes are set up through specialized algorithms and software. Be able to compress the weeks or months of preparation to days. Special software can even check the power and function of all UAVs before each flight, thus greatly reducing the manpower demand. Another noteworthy point is that the number of Intel at the same time control the number of unmanned aerial vehicles, which channels, anti-jamming strategies are very valuable. Pictures and videos are from Youtube相关的主题文章: