Intel pulled Q3 Revenue Forecast: behind PC market Sohu PC digital market has not been bad mouthing one or two day, every other period of time, we can hear the PC’s death, but so far, PC is still alive. "". Intel announced on Friday that the company’s third quarter revenue is expected to be higher than previously expected, affected by this, Intel shares pulled up 3%. Intel is now expected in the third quarter revenue of $15 billion 600 million, up and down $300 million, and had expected $14 billion 900 million, up and down $500 million. Intel said that the expected increase in revenue is mainly driven by PC supply chain replenishment of inventory, but also saw some of Intel’s PC demand is improving signs. Market research firm IDC is expected in July, driven by strong performance in the U.S. market, the second quarter global PC shipments fell by less than expected. The global PC shipments decline below expectations is an indisputable fact, one of the reasons why some changes in demand for PC is also found that Intel PC shipments decline slowed, there are indications that the PC market is warming trend. Of course, from the results of the feedback data to determine the desktop market or notebook market has improved, but this is not what the fundamental problem, at least you can let those who shouted PC dead people close the mouth.相关的主题文章: