IPhone7 tomorrow domestic listed operators to open the flow mode – Sohu news on Thursday, iPhone7 7+ mobile phone to meet with the global users on schedule, the first listing of iPhone countries and regions, including china. Tomorrow, domestic fruit powder can buy Apple’s latest mobile phone on the official apple and three party channel. Compared with previous years, this year’s iPhone mobile phone spoilers are too much in front of the market, resulting in a new listing of the lack of new ideas, to the extent of the market supply-demand relation influence, iPhone7 7+ is a better buy, but this year the new bright black is a valuable commodity, is expected in the short term is difficult to buy. Bright black Shaanxi stock can only get the fastest in November the China Daily reporter learned that, compared with the old iPhone7 7+ mobile phone, the most obvious change is to remove the 3.5mm headset interface, random headset will share lighting charging interface or 3.5mm headset plug compatible with the conversion at the same time, Apple also launched a AirPods wireless headset. Users need to be purchased separately. Apple official said, removed the benefits of 3.5mm headset interface is to save the phone’s internal space, so that the phone can be increased to 4 speakers, the sound effect has been improved. In addition, iPhone7+ compared with past, with dual camera design (a telephoto, a wide-angle), photos can be taken out virtual effect, and can improve the effect of exposure to the dark scene. This year, iPhone7 7+ increased two black, a sub black, a bright black, the China Daily reporter from the sales channels of the province back to the point of view, the two black iPhone7 7+ accounted for more than 70% bookings, the bright black is reached half bookings look, this bright black will be repeated when iPhone5 tuhao gold crazy scene. Shaanxi mobile company official said that the current Shaanxi Province bright black models are in stock status, booking users the fastest in November to get the goods. Therefore, the user can choose to hurry to buy other colors, gold and silver current supply is adequate, sub black appearance effect is good, is not so tight black light sources. In the case of shortage extremely bright black, "scalpers" have been ready to, the China Daily reporter learned from multiple sources, many of the cattle have started recycling bright black with a times higher than the original price, if calculated by iPhone7+ the highest allocation price, bright black in the cattle hands stir the price will be close to 20 thousand yuan. Due to a serious shortage of bright black capacity, which will lead to the phone in the market for a long time in a state of hunger. After the non custom machine operators by Apple kuangsong flow iPhone7 7+ release, the third party channel has started booking, reservation from this situation, the operator channel reservation is still relatively positive. Since iPhone is no longer a custom machine, all operators of its sales just相关的主题文章: