Beauty Here at Bodies Beautiful we are often asked to .pete with quotes received from other countries that offer cosmetic procedures, such as Poland and Belgium. On first inspection we cannot see how these quotes from other countries, that are lower sometimes by hundreds of pounds, can be right, after all we know we are .petitive, but we also know that we will not .promise on the care, treatment and post operative care that you will need during your stay and firmly believe that we arrive at our prices fairly. On closer inspection, when we have scrutinized the quote given, we have found that the .peting quote might sometimes involve itemizing separate charges for consultation (50 Euros), pre-op tests (100-200 Euros), anaesthetic fee (300 Euros) and sometimes if an implant is needed this might not be included in the initial quote. We have also discovered that sometimes the charge for only one night at a .petitors clinic is itemized as standard, with additional nights subsequently charged at 150 Euros per night. Our quotes include all these different elements of all treatment and after care as standard and as a total package with the total number of nights you will stay in the clinic, according to which procedure you have, included. And as well as that, if you need to stay in the clinic longer, for a medical reason, you will not be charged any extra. On discharge from a clinic in Poland of Belgium, you might find that you have to pay extra for the post-op support garment (30-80 Euros) and that you may actually be given a prescription to get filled (50-100+ Euros), with no post-op packs made available to you. At Bodies Beautiful your aftercare is as important as any other part of your procedure and we know how important it is for you to have full access to care after you have been discharged from our clinic. With BBC Direct all these are part of our care package for you and fall within the operation fee quoted. Lastly, if you are considering cosmetic surgery at any clinic overseas, always check that after your procedure you will have direct contact with the same surgeon, and that help lines are available if you need them, 7 days a week and for extended periods? If you should need it make sure that a private nurse can .e to you to remove your stitches is needed. As you can see, breaking down the prices for each element of your treatment might be confusing. While some might prefer the way that things are broken down in other countries and clinics, and are happy to make the calculations themselves, we at Bodies Beautiful think that the best quote is the one that covers everything, so you dont have to scour the small print and the price that you see is the price that you pay. We know that your decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is an important one to you and we want to make sure that everything is as clear as it can be and as straightforward as we can make it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: