Marketing Full color business cards seem to have been the staple concerning advertising and marketing since the early 90’s. During those times full color uv coated business cards started surfacing as a leading player for advertising firms small and large. Yet, has the passion for these little signs beginning to fade? There used to be a time when the only option you possessed was only a plain white card consisting of one color. There after came ivory, in addition to embossed linen business cards with your pick of one or two solid colors. This made business cards monotonous and run of the mill. Almost every business card looked very similar as far as style and layout. Next .es the fresh new kid in the area, the full color business card. Also, the expense of full color printing decreased as a result of their affordability, full color business cards can be found everywhere you look. These days they are used by doctors, lawyers, house cleaning .panies, lawn maintenance .panies, catering services, wedding planners and the list continues. But what else could you do in order to make your business card .pletely stands out from all others to help you keep your romance going? For starters, you may use imagery. Do you sell something? Why don’t you put an image of this product or service on the card. One side point just before I continue on. If you plan to utilize any imagery on your full color business card, please, please, please be sure that they are top notch photographs. No mobile phone pictures or photographs removed from web pages unless the pictures were bought from one of the many stock photography websites. Now, returning to the topic at hand. You should utilize both sides of the business card. Make sure all of your information and services are necessary for assisting you to advertise your business. Having the capability to utilize both sides of your business cards is the place where full color business cards trumped the plain cards. We are not saying that standard business cards shouldn’t have their valuable space. As a matter of fact their are some rather gorgeous traditional business cards. Letterpress, cotton and suede are just a few of the classic cards which have been making their name in this area. Sorry to say, these kind of cards are incredibly costly by .parison to full color uv business cards. In addition, quite a few conventional paper stock business cards can be printed in full color. So, regarding the topic of whether the passion for full color business cards has dwindled, the correct answer is a resounding no! Interestingly, there’s a lot of new choices to pick from. 9pt, 12pt, 14pt, 15pt, 16pt, UV, silk lamination, silk + spot uv and colored foil are .mon options which might be a part of your card. The adoration for the full color business card will not likely pass away; we remain in a place where some of our reactions, likes and dislikes and goals is frequently pushed by color. So remember to take advantage of the different options which are available once you have your full business color card created and produced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: