Jane Zhang’s mother Feng Ke confirmed rumors mistress was sent to "monitor" the daughter of Jane Zhang Feng Ke Entertainment – Sohu (information)   Sohu (all star entertainment news on the photo) yesterday, an "open letter" mother Jane Zhang commissioned the all star exploration issued, directed at her daughter Jane Zhang was betrothed to Feng Ke stripped of its shares and shareholders not worth relying on her daughter. Then Jane Zhang responded that: their own family to deal with, and Feng Ke also said that the property will be transferred to the name of Jane Zhang, hoping to deal with the housework. This seems to be just a dispute about shares and property, but in the last night, there are friends broke the news that Wu Sixiao, a girl named Feng Feng derailed, and witnessed the entrance of the hotel with the small three with Feng Ke. More users Bachu traces two people in micro-blog, and the key is the mistress has is a fan of Jane Zhang. This is also from the side coincides with the style of Jane Zhang’s mother said "open letter" in Feng Ke’s life is not a check.     but in the morning, Jane Zhang micro-blog in response to the "mistress" rumors, said: "it is my good friend, who have no shadow of things, please don’t make groundless accusations." Then Wu Sixiao also forwarded in response to micro-blog, said: Thank you, little Zhang Chengqing, the first time the life scared die, I believe that Zhang has its own independent judgment, please give her some private space ah". It also proves that Jane Zhang and Wu Sixiao have a very close relationship.     all star on days before an interview with Jane Zhang’s mother Ms. Zhang Guiying, let us listen to Ms. Zhang Guiying for the relationship between Feng Ke and Wu Sixiao, saying, "mistress" rumors behind what story? According to Zhang Mu, Jane Zhang usually lives almost no what friends, only friends must also be approved by Feng Ke, can contact with Jane Zhang and Wu Sixiao, this girl is after Feng Ke agreed to become friends with Liangying. Wu Sixiao is 90 years, everyone called her yoyo, the first time, she is a fan of Jane Zhang, who is also responsible for the Jane Zhang club, and Feng Ke met in this way. Currently working in Ning Caishen’s studio, is a film screenwriter. This work, according to Zhang said Feng Ke introduced her mother to work at the Ning Caishen, and until now, she is still continuing to give her wages, currently holding two wages in the hands of Mr. Feng Ke, Wu Sixiao. Xiao Zhang mother said the current Wu Si lived in a Premium Apartment House, the price is quite expensive, it is likely to help pay the cost of the Feng ke. Wu Sixiao micro-blog photo     in the meantime, Zhang mother did not find any abnormality, but because one thing happened in 2014 that Liangying’s mother not aware of the relationship between Feng Ke and Wu Sixiao. The reason is because of a cat in the receipt and transfer certificate, Liangying’s mother in the room, found a piece of Wu Sixiao now keeps the cat purchase invoices, the value of 7000 yuan, and the purchase of the signature is actually Feng Ke, and then the credit card signature name is Feng Ke. And the cat was taken by Feng Ke相关的主题文章: