Jane’s: China and the United States for the Thai military transport large performance be roughly the same data figure: U.S. C130 production line of a large number of new machines in the construction of the original title: Jane’s: China and the United States for the Thai military transport large British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" performance be roughly the same 19 reported that the message sent from Bangkok China official media English website the day before, the Thailand air force sources and the country is ready to buy new aircraft, is expected from -9 and Lockheed · Chinese XAC; Martin C-130J choose a plane. Chinese aviation expert Wang Yanan believes that -9 transport is consistent with the technical and tactical requirements of Thailand’s military, although it is not know the Thai Transport bidding plan, but he saw export prospects -9 good luck. The transport performance is reported to be roughly the same, a Thailand Air Force official said the new Thailand Air Force transport selection competition in the plan will be in Chinese transport between -9 and America C-130J. However, he also said that in addition to China and the United States, there may be a third country in the competition, the current procurement plan has not yet officially started. Thailand is a retired Air Force commander said not long ago, the Thailand air force will seek to purchase a new turboprop engine by the Thailand Air Force transport aircraft, to replace the now 12 C-130H aircraft, the aircraft entered service in Thailand from 1980. Will participate in the bidding of Sino US transport, C-130J’s popularity will be much bigger, over the past few years, a total of 15 countries have ordered 300 aircraft, and -9 is improved in the implementation of modern new models based on -8, with advanced avionics and cargo equipment, currently only as ZDK-03 early warning machine platform for export to Pakistan, but Thailand neighboring Burma has 10 military transport aircraft -8. According to the Russian national "wings" magazine revealed that from the beginning of 2012, the air force ordered China -8 Ultimate Edition – -9 Medium Tactical Transport (also known as the "-8 three platform"), is to transport -8 for the improved model, the biggest feature is the use of domestic -6C turboprop engine, power 5300 HP, equipped with six blade propeller made of composite material, the development of engine power, the maximum takeoff weight, cruising speed and climbing ability than -8 transport aircraft has increased greatly, especially the performance of some limit area. A China experts said, -9 the wing integral tank, maximum range of 5000 kilometers, time increased to 10 hours, have the ability to fly from Beijing to any capital city. If the Thailand air force, will be able to meet its ability to move from Bangkok to ASEAN countries. The maximum load of 20 tons, the largest single weight of 15 tons, also combined with a new generation of avionics system China development operation of -9, the system will be organic combination of weather radar, communications, air traffic control transponder system together to form a unified network, data processing and unified integrated display, using multiple cockpit LCD multi function display, good man-machine interface, easy to read information about the pilot. On the whole, the main transport -9.相关的主题文章: