Jay Chou Jay Chou Fuzhou team dinner shangtuxiaxie exposure Jay Chou continued after dinner shangtuxiaxie team traced Jay Chou source: Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Huang Yiwei Chen Yanyan Lin Dan was someone broke the news last night concert of a Taiwan artist team of 6 people, this morning vomiting and diarrhea. After a media reporter confirmed that the Jay Chou team. In November 5th, "the strongest surface" Jay Chou concert concert in Fuzhou. Ren Siyan: # on grassroots Jay Chou Fuzhou concert # just to cover the back, eat in a hotel last night the Jay Chou team, a total of 6 people this morning vomiting diarrhea and was taken to hospital, one of them is a foreigner. Jay Chou’s okay. Jay Chou’s fine. Jay Chou’s fine! I don’t know if Jay Chou is eating in the same place. The reporter also learned that they are in the early morning of November 6th, unwell symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea. After the discovery of the hotel in the morning, they rushed to the first hospital of Fuzhou. The hospital has confirmed 6 guests suffering from acute gastroenteritis. So the CDC report to Fuzhou, the morning disease control staff to the hotel restaurant sampling, the relevant test results have not come out. The reporters rushed to the first hospital of Fuzhou, the 6 guests have been transferred to the inpatient department of Gastroenterology ward, there are a number of security personnel outside the ward, to prevent reporters. Individual staff on the shirt with JAY logo, informed sources, they are Jay Chou performing team staff. The first hospital doctors, a total of 4 women and 2 men, the first one is sent to the ambulance, the most serious symptoms, in a state of dehydration in 120. The other 5 are from the hotel. The patient readme, the 5 of them in the hotel with a buffet at night, when the morning appeared varying degrees of nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. Their initial diagnosis, found that these guests are food borne acute enteritis, so they transferred to inpatient ward treatment. Fuzhou Wenstin media director Lin said they found more than 9 in the morning after the guests unwell, the patient will be rushed to the hospital, the current treatment costs are responsible for them. These guests the night before Wenstin in the cafeteria, the relevant departments will also be food sampling, but the guests are outside the snack or bring the food to the hotel, they do not know. Jay Chou’s performance team did live in their hotel, the discomfort should be the team, because she did not work in the hotel, but also to further confirm. After the event, many users are very concerned about the situation of Jay Chou. On de: what is the cause of diarrhea of beans, perhaps The climate does not suit one.? Guo Xiaojie: OK. A Xing _ weeks old the:… Nothing like people, shocked nine Mullin kitchen Emperor: may go to the next street Wanda wisting delicacy roadside stalls! Where is the fire of the night. Yi Ling day: if the hotel issues, it is a disgrace! Boo boo Bu Ke: originally Fuzhou concert is little, this embarrassing hsuehchien Mimo: fortunately I am fine Lun)相关的主题文章: