Jiande tourism micro film "together" in the new housing Sohu and 17 Exclusive Celebrities Hotel – Jiande tourism micro film "together" trailer on September 2016, Zhejiang Jiande tourism micro film "together" first, is instantly detonated millions of playback volume, this is a touching love story, in Taipei Qi Sheng my life in the memory of childhood, grew up with friend Sawayama, see the reunification of the motherland the news in the news, so I hope to read granddaughter Qi childhood hometown Zhejiang Jiande, looking for long lost friends, the completion of a new dwelling in the Fuchun mountains ". One came to Jiande, after several twists and turns, finally found the Nie Zeshan grandpa grandson summer look, two people also love, to complete a new painting "graph". This micro film not only touching story, the shooting of Jiande beautiful natural landscape is to become the most back Zhejiang tour destination for people from all walks of life. In the film the heroine in the new housing. The Exclusive Celebrities Hotel, the Xin’an river is a good place, come with me and see. In recent years, we began to call 17 in Jiande Jiande, temperature 17 degrees of Jiande Xin’An River and why? Actually not complicated. Jiande Xin’An River 17 degrees of water temperature, from the Xin’An River Hydropower station. From 70 meters high dam hydropower station spewing out of the river around the East, from the depths of Qiandao Lake River kept 14-17, water quality good, without treatment can reach the national standard of drinking water, "farmer spring" from here to the country. 17 degrees of water, the temperature of 17 degrees, the Xin’An river has become an important symbol of 17 degrees in Jiande. I have participated in Nongfushangquan journey to find the source, to explore 17 degrees in Jiande, and this one is purely to travel to Jiande, in the festival with my family to walk alone, this season is not too serious speculation places, this time is the choice of Jiande, three days and two nights, traveling Jiande climbing, a new leaf village, Sandu village. Leisurely free, pleasant rambling time…… I will always love to choose the local new hotel occupancy Ze, because the new hotel will offer guests a better service, more surprises. This time the choice of the new housing the Exclusive Celebrities Hotel, the hotel is Jiande’s new micro film "together" in the viewfinder, the hotel is adjacent to the Jiande city landmark building, Baisha bridge. On the five floor of the hotel, there is a large outdoor terrace. This point is the micro film "together" in the viewfinder. The lobby of the hotel, the soft warm light, the front desk staff beautiful and polite, pleasant. Tea bar in the hall. Our room is on the 17 floor, Lakeview room, excellent scenery out of the window. The room has a unique culture of the United States, "Jiangnan bamboo, natural and elegant. Bedding quality is very good, bring a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. Room pattern is positive, room facilities, high quality, fully meet the star hotel room configuration standards. Very considerate to welcome fruit for the guests and the hotel manager to write y相关的主题文章: