Jiangxi tourists lost trapped deep in the mountains of Hunan Phoenix police late rescue the original title: Jiangxi tourists lost trapped deep in the mountains of Hunan Phoenix police late rescue Phoenix News October 6th October 5th at 3:40 in the morning, in Fenghuang County of Hunan Province Public Security Bureau police special patrol unit under the help of a few Jiangxi tourists finally drove out from southern Huashan to a deserted mountain road, North gas station filled with oil. 5 days, about 40 points, the special patrol brigade police received instructions from the command center, said, in the South Huashan to Du Tian direction, there are tourists driving lost the road. The police immediately drove to the South Huashan to the ring line of Du Tian, searching for the whereabouts of tourists. The police asked the tourists by telephone, and they searched along several mountain trails in southern Huashan. At last, they were found according to the tourists’ descriptions. After understanding, a tourist from Jiangxi is ready to refuel the car, but do not know how to go, have to use the mobile phone navigation, and finally follow the mobile phone navigation, came to the south of Huashan to the direction of an abandoned deer mountain road, and soon lost. The car is still sitting two old people, the owner was very anxious, quickly dial the phone call, see the police came, this settled down. After understanding the situation, the police began to help tourists U-turn back. Because the abandoned mountain road is narrow, slippery and rugged, and all uphill, tourists dare not turn around. A police officer immediately got on the bus to help the tourists turn the direction. Other police along with the tourists, pushing the car forward. After more than 3 hours of efforts, the police successfully brought these Jiangxi tourists safely to the North gas station. (red net correspondent Long Hanyan Tian Mei)

江西游客迷路被困深山 湖南凤凰民警深夜救助原标题:江西游客迷路被困深山 湖南凤凰民警深夜救助红网凤凰10月6日讯 10月5日凌晨3时40分左右,在湖南省凤凰县公安局特巡警大队民警的帮助下,几名江西游客终于从南华山一废弃山路开车出来,到城北加油站加满了油。5日零点40分左右,特巡警大队民警接到指挥中心指令称,在南华山至杜田方向,有游客驾车迷了路。民警立即驱车赶到南华山至杜田的环线一带,搜寻游客的下落。民警一边用电话询问游客,一边沿着南华山的几条山间小道搜寻,最后根据游客描述的情况,找到了他们。经了解,一名从江西来的游客准备给汽车加油,但不知道怎么走,只好使用手机导航,最后跟着手机导航,来到了南华山至杜田方向的一条废弃的山间小道,不久便迷路了。车上还坐着两位老人,车主心里万分焦急,赶紧拨打了报警电话,看到民警来了,这才定下心来。 了解情况后,民警开始帮助游客掉头返回。由于这条被废弃的山道又窄又滑又崎岖,且均为上坡路段,游客不敢开车掉头。一名民警立即上车,帮助游客调转方向。其他民警则与游客一道,推着小车前行。经过3个多小时的努力,民警顺利地将这几位江西游客安全带到城北加油站。(红网 通讯员 龙含妍 田梅)相关的主题文章: