Joe Chen unveiled the "human to taste is called" Qing Huan "Hot pot" – Sohu Joe Chen entertainment unveiled the conference     Sohu entertainment news August 24th, Joe Chen dressed in a chic and elegant dark blue dress appearance is shooting drama "the world to taste is Qing Huan" conference. The scene that day, Joe Chen and Tong Dawei as friends for many years, frequent interaction, no strangeness, and for the first time cooperation for two people, Jon is also called: "like Hot pot, very hot, but very direct, love and hate, privately also have a small part of the girls." And two people in the photo session is full understanding, sell adorable Huan de style spoof show two people have love, also attracted the fans shouted: "before two people really worked?" In the conference site, Tong Dawei said, will the happiness index burst table, in addition to rely on their own hard work, but also in a "Wang He" woman — played by Joe Chen Ann qinghuan. Joe Chen joked: "I was your blessing package". From the scene broadcast trailers, Ann Qinghuan out, while others pointed out mercilessly trampled a facelift, Wang Yibo’s mobile phone, and also could not understand how rich handsome acts. Tong Dawei said with a smile, the character of Joe Chen as Hot pot, she heard in the reality show "Dabao others kidney", into the crew before he learned to fight deliberately self-defense. Then changed the subject, Joe Chen explained that this role Qinghuan: "she is the kind of girl the key moment will come back, but the heart is very fragile. She must have a lot of shortcomings, but she had an advantage on the greater than all the shortcomings, so as to make people remember to love." Joe Chen even than my beautiful female version of Jack Bauer (cockroaches), "it is perseverance, do not bow". Jump off "idol drama actress" Adorable route, Joe Chen in recent years in the workplace with the image in front of everyone, from "my girl" in the era of big heart, to "give up me, hold me in the" Queen of fashion calendar to Vicki "human to taste is Qinghuan" the golden queen Ann qinghuan. The Joe Chen range is wider and wider, from the "off-line rabbit" seamless switching to "workplace intellectual queen". In the variety show, "we are here", she is also the performance of the strength of the ring powder. TV variety, two-way hanging open she confirmed that sentence "harder, more fortunate". It is reported that the play will also fly to Budapest shooting, the conference site also opened a ticket to the world to taste is the joy of transnational shooting the big screen. Budapest, as the capital of Hungary, has a long history and beautiful scenery, romantic city has a romantic love story to match it, but also Tong Dawei and Joe Chen in the drama of the two love turning point. In addition to bringing the romantic love of the two people, "the world to taste is the Qing Huan" is the first "landing" of the city’s Chinese film and television drama, so that the international film is no longer confined to the well-known romantic country.相关的主题文章: