Joe Angeles studios today live with friends to visit the studio set up Sohu and brokers Mo Dan Shan entertainment Joe Joe fir and cedar ribbon partner Joe and repair Rui play Sohu entertainment news on September 8, 2016, micro-blog announced by actor Joe Shan studio studio and Joe fir fir cultural media company was formally established today. After the establishment of the studio, the big man of God comedy road to make people look forward to. In September 8th, micro-blog released the official Joe Shan studio "to open the door to see the fir, everyone happy" the opening of posters, Joe Shan also said he will be immediately forwarded to someone else "declared Joe fir personal studio set up, also thank you for always support their own people. In the circle of friends have sent flowers blessing, happy partner Rui repair is the scene to celebrate. Opening ceremony, Joe Shan said: I hope to use the studio’s strength, more attentive, focused, professional in the interpretation of the road farther and farther, and strive to create more and better works to repay everyone. The end of the opening ceremony simple and warm, Joe Shan is also playing live incarnation of "indoor Tour" led friends to visit the studio, the first time to share the joy of the studio with friends, with a witty response to obtain users have praised. At the end of the live and also send sincere blessings: hope you can always be happy in life, always happy." Live for half an hour to get millions of users to watch, netizens have the blessing of health brother opened their doors. Joe Shan because in the network drama "hit?" on the wonderful silk men care gold membership, successful promotion for the national Obo Keno God; "joy" in comedy, refinement of works lean, let the audience see a hard comedian; 2016 is boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala year the stage, with the warmth of "Joe" for the audience to express the sketch to send happiness; it is worth mentioning that Joe fir also recently and idol Wu Zhenyu movie "summer" cooperation of Feynman and Wu Zhenyu drying out, I was in micro-blog photo Joe fir, and tender with the text only when I grow up, you should not become old to pay tribute youth. Joe fir and cedar studio cultural media company, will provide more Joe fir more free space for comedy, his acting career development. The studio is designed to bring more good comedy to the audience, and constantly open up more comedy talent, bring joy to the audience.相关的主题文章: