Health A certain level of stress is a normal thing that every child experiences during growing up. Stress in children can reach very high levels, but is usually short-term. However, as children are quickly changing, the sources of their problems appear and vanish very quickly. That’s why parents should keep an eye on their children in case a few stressful situations happen at the same time. Then, parents need to react quickly and help their kids cope with stressful situations – otherwise they risk that child’s condition will aggravate to the point when the doctor’s assistance necessary. The best way to teach your kids how to manage stress is to manage your own stressful situations well. The best lesson about not getting stressed is showing your kids that you can over.e your problems and remain cheerful. Expressing anger, frustration and any other similar feelings will teach your child that such emotions are an acceptable behavior once stressed. If you intend to help your children, remember that their problems are real, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to you. The fact they are stressed about it is reason enough to treat their problems seriously. You have to give a hand to your child if it seems to be very stressed about something regardless of your feelings towards the situation. As the result, you have to learn how to talk to your children. The best way to learn that is talk about other things than just dinner and school. Discuss their feelings, their beliefs and hopes. This will give you better contact with your children – it is especially important in helping them cope with their stress. Usually, the real reason of their problems is relatively small, but well-hidden. You have to know how to discuss openly with your children if you hope to succeed. Always tell the truth to your children, even if it hurts. Children are very perceptive, especially when it .es to noticing details. They will eventually find out what you tired to hide from them, so the truth will harm them anyway. However, in addition to that they will feel betrayed by their parents. And such feeling is one of the few that may cause true and long-term problems. So, if you wish your children to deeply hate you, tell you lies about their personal life and get involved in alcohol and drugs, just keep them telling sweet lies instead of harsh truth. Do not try to solve the problems for your child. This will really do nothing. All you should do is provide advice, assistance and acceptation to your children decision-making process. Teach them what to do, but try not to interfere with their specific choices unless they are going to be disastrous like leaving high school or a drug dealer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: