KMT downsizing downsizing 400 people? The draft Party: original title: the streamlined "downsizing" cut 400 people? Party: not yet finalized in November 7, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the face of Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan Party committee improper to recover property, the Kuomintang will start downsizing downsizing plan, the number of workers outside the party reduced 400, KMT Secretary General Mo said the Decepticons laid off 400 people, is the external inference, we not talked about this number". However, party sources said, indeed to 400 people planning direction, but have not yet been finalized. Wu Dunyi yesterday (6 days) in Nantou County to celebrate the 122 anniversary of the founding of the Kuomintang party fundraising, as members of the Kuomintang cheer: responsibility outstanding, will be renewed". Wu Dunyi has donated 50 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), the "Legislative Yuan" Xu Shuhua, Ma Wenjun, Lin Ming, Qin Nantou County, Nantou County President He Shengfeng donated 10 thousand yuan each. Mo tiger said yesterday, downsizing and salary adjustment is the Kuomintang "way", to maintain the existing scale, adjust the case recently will be announced. As for whether such rumor will lay off 400 people, not many people say that early Decepticons said that the KMT party workers 800, should be cut at least half, but 400 jobs outside inference. The party said that the organization streamlining plan more than a discussion early in the party, 400 people in the direction of a proposal, but still needs to be assessed. KMT vice chairman Tang Deming said that the relevant weight-loss plan had been pushing, the final decision will be submitted to the Central Standing Committee, prior communication are also in progress. In addition, due to the grassroots and local cadres early layout of municipal elections in 2018, the Kuomintang in all generations will be in September through the "development" and the party’s reform program, held primaries in the party primaries. The Group Chairman Zhang Yaping pointed out that the primary system is the personnel training mechanism, non party primaries, will adopt measures, the relevant planning qualification system has been completed, the recently released; if not held qualifying counties, must nominate layout and management plan. (reporter Zheng Wei, Chen Yanlin) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: