Home-Improvement It is quite amazing that, what used to be just a tiny, insignificant, red, yellow, or green LED diode, is now rapidly becoming the main source of affordable lighting in the automotive industry, in homes and offices, on boats and RVs and, of course also in landscaping applications, and last but not least, for outdoor LED flood lights. In this section we will cover the main advantages of outdoor LED flood lights as compared to standard, incandescent lights, and also fluorescent lights. We will then proceed to describe some of the main types of LED flood lights and their different applications. Advantages of outdoor LED flood lights Electricity and money savings. By combining several LED diodes, powerful LED bulbs are created. And by arranging LED diodes in rectangular or similar arrays, large and bright LED flood lights are made. Due to the extreme electric energy to visible light conversion efficiency, the LED flood lighting is easy on the wallet to maintain. Plus, recently, the prices of LED flood lights have come down also, making LED flood lighting affordable for purchase also. For an equal output in lumens (a measure of the power of visible light), as much as 10-40 times less input electric power is needed than with the incandescent light sources. Instant-on action. Unlike the popular fluorescent lights, LED flood lights do not require a "warm up" time of as much as 2-3 minutes. This can be important in many applications, for instant for motion detection lights and for security lighting. Easy dimming and color change function. Since all major wavelengths of visible light are now available in bright LED diodes, by combining primary color LED diodes in LED flood light bulbs, any color light can be achieved with modern LED flood lights. Some fixtures have controllers available where the light color can be changed by a push of a button, or special light changing programs can be set. Likewise, it is easy to change the brightness of the light by increasing and decreasing the voltage applied to the LED diodes. Longevity of LED flood lights. This is a consequence of low power consumption. Since the chance of overheating is small, there is hardly any degradation of the LED bulb while it is on. As a consequence, the stated lifetimes of LED light bulbs are from 50,000 hours upwards. That can be as much as 10-15 years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: