Li Keqiang visits Jiangxi: hoping to achieve "red new life" original title: Li Keqiang visits Jiangxi, hoping to achieve "red new life" may be just a coincidence, Premier Li Keqiang visits Jiangxi two companies called a "Fu", one called "crystal". Funeng company mainly engaged in new energy vehicles for lithium ion power battery research and production, the company is relying on the crystal silicon substrate LED technology to break Japan exclusive global technology monopoly and achieved mass production. Two typical high-tech enterprises, two can, the core is a new kinetic energy. Thus, the new kinetic energy constitutes the prime minister’s visit to Jiangxi keyword. The "new", it is understood here some words. In contrast, Funeng is located in Ganzhou, is typical of the old revolutionary base; crystal is in the provincial capital of Nanchang, but also in the stereotype is far from developed, still is central to the development of depression. The old and the central part of the "old" and "new technology, new energy, combined into strong image according to the" road map ", which is entrusted with the prime minister visits Jiangxi. The creation of new energy, the development of the new economy, ‘it is not developed in the whole process, but covering the eastern Midwest, through economic development gradient from east to west. To some extent, the development of the old and the new economy, foster new energy, can play the advantage, the marginal benefit is more likely to achieve. Because of this, Li Keqiang in Jiangxi, focusing on the new economy, talk about the new energy, cheer for the old "new" encouragement. Premier has always stressed that the new economy is not merely a network economy, it covers 123 of all industries. The route of the Jiangxi investigation, also covers the three industries. In addition, can represent the industrial manufacturing and energy, Li Keqiang also made a special trip to Ruijin Bai Xiang navel base study Internet plus characteristic agriculture. He pointed out that "Internet plus" to enhance the quality of Gannan navel orange, increase the sales volume and the income of the farmers, for the entire industry on the wings. Study in Nanchang aviation designer Creative Industrial Park Yangtze River, he fully affirmed the professional "double" to provide ecosystem services platform for this new mode. Prime Minister’s visit also highlights what he has been concerned about, the new economy to provide support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the old and new kinetic energy conversion must continue to promote the continuous file". In Funeng company, Li Keqiang learned that the private enterprise production line using domestic equipment customization to the upstream equipment enterprises, the quality can be comparable with the imported equipment, the price is only 16. His new energy products to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional equipment manufacturing industry, the new model is highly praised, pointed out the need to continue to tap the huge potential of industrial and manufacturing investment, and promote Chinese equipment in high-end. At the same time, the traditional agricultural areas also there is a huge space for energy transfer, the prime minister visits the Internet to bring about the change of Gannan navel orange industry is clear. The old development, if the "operation" on the new economy and new energy conversion, then behind the "Tao" is still expanding the reform and opening up. With the reform and opening up the courage to reform the spirit of innovation, in order to achieve a historic leap development. The prime minister’s visit, a deep sense of ceremony arrangements in Ruijin Pingchun leaves相关的主题文章: