The director of the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau responded to the the Great Wall incident: it really ugly news: "Liaoning" the most beautiful wild the Great Wall was mortar Department 700 year history of the national treasure "is known as" the most beautiful wild the Great Wall "in Liaoning Suizhong small river the Great Wall, although the national cultural relics protection units, but due to the mountains but few people know. But in recent years, due to the emergence of a group of photos on the network, the the Great Wall is known to the public. In the photo, the walls and the ground was smooth, undulating walls and wild style was replaced by surface hardening. The photographer said, this is the security department for repair results to the public concern and questioned the attendant. September 21st, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Department of culture, cultural relics bureau director Ding Hui to the squad number 37 confirmed that the repair of small estuary of the Great Wall, it is two years ago in accordance with the scheme, the purpose is to repair, but also admitted that indeed repair is not good." The old walls carved doors and windows: "this section has 700 years of history, not only wild, authentic, gate doors and windows carved, extraordinary as if done by the spirits. But the forest vegetation is particularly good, you can see many towers overlooking the distant city, and." Suizhong County Yongan cone Mountain Provincial Forest Park management office director Liu Fusheng told the squad number 37, are attracted by the forests of the wild charm and the shade of the the Great Wall, and moved to the foot of the mountain, a more than a decade. Small river the Great Wall is located in Suizhong County of Huludao City, Yongan Bao Xiang, the Great Wall is the main trunk line in Liaoning Province, is located in the rugged mountains of Yanshan, Liaoning and Hebei two provinces border, about 8.9 kilometers long, 31 dilou, 18 seat, 14 seat Beacon Tower and taiwan. Data show that small river the Great Wall was built in Hongwu fourteen years (1381 AD), built by the brick, lime pointing, walls and Taiwan fort, all blend into one harmonious whole but also has a very strong, and can fight to keep reserve military supplies the enemy units, the doors and windows were all carved with exquisite patterns. Repair: the walls and the ground into a hardened road every day to climb the the Great Wall in the small mouth of Liu Fusheng, 30 minutes from the mountains to reach this section of the photo. He also became a witness on the the Great Wall, every tree and Bush a brick with one stone, every change, he carefully recorded. In 2014, Liu Fusheng met a controversial renovation project, "construction workers with lime and sand mixed with cement, the walls and the ground with a horizontal plane, looks like a large white wall." He said the scene of the construction staff told him to repair is to repair, in order to prevent the risk of collapse. The picture of this period, about one or two kilometers, before Liu Fusheng on homicide No. 37, repair, the ground is some broken stones, some walls collapsed, "but would have one meter high, the collapse of the risk is not completed, no more than two meters high." The project was about 3 months after the end, once again came to the the Great Wall, Liu Fusheng was startled, "originally undulating wall brick and broken ground, have been fused together into a hardened road." The most let him not understand is that the shop on the surface of this layer is particularly thin, with a stick on the dew, the thinnest place is thinner than nails." Related response material.相关的主题文章: