Writing Effective Linkedin Messages "Copywriting" is the practice of selling in word form. It’s employed in every newspaper ad, magazine feature, bill board and even flyer or leaflet you see on a day to day basis. Its purpose is to catch the reader’s attention with the "headline" which will compel them to read the "Sub Headline" which will again be so intriguing the person will have to read the first line of copy, then the next then the next and so on. By the time the reader has gotten to the end of the copy they should in a "buying state" and ready to pick up the phone, click on the link or visit the business to make their purchase. In Linkedin we don’t have the luxury of masses of space to write huge copy written sales letters (well technically we do but it is not effective in the Facebook platform) so the best way we can be effective in our message writing is to employ "Short Copy". In many ways Short Copy is the best form of copy writing in the fast moving and fast clicking world of the internet and social networking sites. The average person will give a page between 3-5 seconds before they decide to click away Using Short Copy in Linkedin "Corns Gone in 7 Days or Your Money Back" The above statement is still the most successful short copy ad that has ever been was produced. Written in the 1930’s to sell a brand of corn cream, it includes 3 of the 4 main rules of short copywriting. 1. Attention:- Your statement must grab the readers attention 2. Specific:- It must offer specific information. So instead of "save " write "save exactly 342" 3. Main Benefit:- If you were selling a car a feature would be "it has air con". A benefit would be " it’ll un-steam your front screen in 10 seconds and keeps the air cool and fresh in summer…" Make sure you mention your main benefit not your main feature. 4. Call to Action:- You must tell the reader what to do. Tell them to "Click Here" "Call this number". What do you want them to do next? "Corns Gone" = Main Benefit straight away plus filtered the market if you haven’t got corns you don’t need the product. "In 7 days" = Specific. Not saying "soon" or "quickly" its within 7 days. "or your money back" Attention grabbing guarantee. If this was a marketing message the only element its missing is the call to action. A simple "click here" or "call now" Here is another example of short copy excellence used by the insurance industry: "Cash if you Die, Cash if you Don’t" In this example they use 3 "Power Words" out of the 8 words used in the headline. Power words can help you grab attention. The other power words are: Love Stop Huge Cash Chop Sex Die Hate Lose Win Crash It’s a good idea to begin a message with either "How" or "Now" e.g "How to save 500 on your energy bill in 2 easy steps" "Now, lose 10lbs in under 1 month WITHOUT exercising!" These are techniques in getting people to pay attention and click your links but remember your "Relationship Marketing" Integrate your sales posts with interesting content and funny/conversational quips or statements about your industry. About the Author: Mark Paddock is the Head Trainer and Social Media Consultant at .SocialMediaPow.com an agency providing Social Media Marketing solutions and Social Media and Linkedin Training. .LinkedinMasterclass.com teaches essential marketing and management techniques. Free sample video available. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Inter.-Marketing 相关的主题文章: