Lotto 101 period: 10 million yuan prize pool exceeded 3 billion 400 million drop in Yunnan – Sohu     lottery Lotto prize pool first break 3 billion 400 million! The evening of August 29th, lottery Lotto lottery ushered in the 16101st period, the current in the 1 note 10 million yuan basic bets first landed in Yunnan. But after the current lottery, lottery Lotto jackpot also exceeded 3 billion 400 million yuan, rose to 3 billion 405 million yuan, hit a new record in history. The area before the number two trend lottery Lotto 16101 area before the lottery number is 04, 06, 28, 33, 35, after the lottery number is 07, 12". The area is mainly distributed in the number two, 07 ~ 27 segments are not number out; among them, "28" is spaced out only 10, belongs to cold number, the other 4 award number interval number is 7 or less, "04" is only 1 once again open interval. After the "07, 12" is an odd even the whole large portfolio, including "12" is the number out of 2 consecutive period, at the same time in the last 5 period, is the third debut, belongs to the popular number. At present, the area before the "24" is the most cold lottery lotto numbers, interval of 28 period did not appear, followed by the area before the "10" interval of 25 not out. After the cold number is "09", has 14 consecutive period of cold storage. 10 million first prize drop Yunnan current prize out of 1 note, a single note bonus of 10 million yuan, but the winners from Yunnan, no additional bet, lost 6 million yuan in additional bonus opportunities. Data show that this 10 million yuan note first prize from the city of Kunming, winning the lottery in August 28th 14:13 sold a bet 36 yuan 6+3 small double votes, more than in the 1 note first prize, but also in the 2 note two prize, 5 note third-prize, 10 note four prize single ticket, the total prize money of up to more than 10 million 790 thousand yuan. The progressive prize for the first time exceeded two compared to the same period in 3 billion 400 million out of the 24 note, a single injection of the basic betting bonus 379 thousand and 400 yuan, of which 5 note is an additional bet hit, each note bonus number 227 thousand and 600 yuan, additional bet two prize, a single injection of the total prize money of up to 607 thousand yuan. But after the 16101 lottery, lottery Lotto jackpot also rose 32 million 680 thousand yuan, has exceeded 3 billion 400 million yuan, rose to 3 billion 405 million yuan. After the 16084 creation of 3 billion 379 million yuan in the historical progressive record, has once again been rewritten. This Wednesday evening, will usher in the lottery Lotto 16102nd lottery, to remind the majority of friends do not miss the betting. (Wang Wei) Lotto 16101st lottery number announcement相关的主题文章: