Lotto 16126th recommendation: post small odd Sohu on the lottery book review Lotto 16125th lottery number: the former district: 0607082830: 0102, the characteristics of posterior area before the number size is smaller than 2:3, the parity ratio of 1:4, and a value of 79, a span of 24, issued after all odd combination of 0102. The recommended number comprehensive recommendation: 0307131524273132 + 01050911 0313242731 + 0111: a singled out before the current analysis, size ratio: the size ratio of 2:3, separated out, this period value code covering, the recommended ratio is 3:2 or 4:1. Parity ratio: the ratio of 1:4 parity, missing 4 out of curiosity to see the code, recommended rebound, ratio of 3:2 or 4:1. And value: the period and the value is 79, every period in the range of 70-79, this period can see and value rise, recommended interval for 90-109. Three area ratio: zone three on the ratio of 3:0:2, two district open space, a hot area, this area can take a cold, three hot, the recommended ratio is 1:1:3. The back analysis on the issue of all odd combination of 0102. The size of the entire small form missing out of the 2 phase, the current period can be seen in the emergence of small combinations; parity, odd and even form out of the period, this period can be seen all the strange combination appeared.相关的主题文章: