"Love red scarf" premiere of Liu Yajin and daughter mutual black – Sohu entertainment movie "love red scarf" the main actor Liu Yajin Sohu entertainment news (Jiang Jiamin October 26th article), directed by Cao Peng, starring Liu Yunshan, Liu Yajin starred in the friendship of sanitation workers as a theme movie "love red scarf" held in Zhangjiakou the opening ceremony. In this movie, Liu Yunshan plays the role of a sanitation workers, the event, Liu Yunshan’s father Liu Yajin spare no effort to "black" the daughter, he joked: "you don’t see Liu Yunshan in the movie swept the street sweep well, in our family never swept the floor." But Liu Yunshan refused to yield, retorted: "you can see the media in love black daughter, I usually very love doing housework." This pair of funny than the father and daughter also let the scene of the comic dialogue. "The red scarf of love" tells the story of Qin Zhongli, a college graduate. Qin Zhongli’s mother is a sanitation worker, there is a perennial brother paralyzed in bed, in order to take care of his brother, Zhong Li mother insisted night attendance, and hope that Qin Zhongli can also clean the team to work together to maintain the whole family, Zhong Li is very understanding of my mother. Mother dying brother entrusted to her, Zhong Li went on cleaning team work, after training the beat, finally become an excellent sanitation workers. Liu Yunshan is filming work had revealed collapse Liu Yunshan said, in order to shoot the film, he also hard. Because the broom use and sanitation workers in the home with is not the same, the operation is very difficult, so she also came to the true sanitation workers to study for a long time. When filming, she is also every morning at four o’clock, a big winter shoot. Daughter so desperately, Liu Yajin does not feel distressed? Liu Yajin immediately waved and said: "I do not feel bad. Because she is a professional actress, we should be able to afford this job. And before she did not know what is the life of sanitation workers, let alone four o’clock in the morning to work, she did not even buy breakfast." The black daughter’s rhythm is also no one. At the same time, Liu Yunshan also told the media to share their experience when filming collapse. She said, the day is with a real group of sanitation workers sit together to eat, but because the weather is too cold, the meal is frozen, which can be a sanitation uncle or very plain to the sanitation workers love said: "to eat, don’t delay the people shooting, I came home to buy you a stomach medicine." After hearing this, Liu Yunshan immediately ran to the director around crying, her heart was very distressed these sanitation workers. She also admitted that filming the movie, he can feel more, every time out will be more care for the environment, sanitation workers do not give trouble.相关的主题文章: