Lu Yi on the high paycheck: market is willing to hold with the value of Sohu in the new entertainment Lu Yi play three spy Lu Yi three spy Dayang – in the new Guangzhou Journal reported in September 21st by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Yuan Wenkang starred in the Spy Drama "rouge" will be landing in September 27th dragontv. Held in Shanghai yesterday on the eve of Lu Yi interview. He says the young actor, to "come" tone warning said that the young actor don’t give yourself pressure, and respect his debut 10 years ago, all the fire were on him, now I have to share. He also said that the family will always be the first, the definition of love is his wife Bao Lei. Author: Guangzhou Daily reporter Ceng Jun talk about the new movie: looks cool heart gentle Guangzhou Daily: playing the three spies, how do you feel? Lu Yi: very enjoyable, I also played rookie agent, but the movie Zhou Yuhao begins with a very mature, very high IQ, is a guide, give advice and suggestions throughout the war people, is the blue rouge on the revolutionary road guide, looks cool, actually gentle. In the enemy’s interior will be based on the different character of each person in different ways to set the secret. The role and my life is not the same, I love is a joke, people laughing. Guangzhou Daily: there will be a lot of action drama? Lu Yi: the action scenes are personally into battle, the action scene is not much, but I can play, moves more ruthless, shooting will be more. Because I am a Shanghai opera school, before the action of the play was not much, but some skills, this can finally play a little. Guangzhou Daily: how do you grasp the emotional drama? Lu Yi: it’s not the main part. I’m honest. Before we got married, we all know what kind of person I am. Because the story needs to have an emotional drama with the two actresses, more is to serve the role, if you are afraid that there are scruples, the effect is not good. Guangzhou Daily: Zhao Liying is known as "Zhao Xiaodao", speak very directly, have you been hurt? Lu Yi: I didn’t get her knife. I think it is very interesting to talk straight, I sometimes speak straight, we will attack others together at the scene. Talk about pressure: unhappy things don’t do the Guangzhou Daily: this year the Spy Drama, be afraid of be compared? Lu Yi: comparison is the right of the audience, for us is a good trick. I believe that the role of the charm of the young audience can see the action, emotion, mature audience can see ideas. Guangzhou Daily: now you are the strength of the faction, you would also like to be criticized, how to treat these voices outside? Lu Yi: I have been a person at ease, how people say I can, No. I think there are still a lot of tolerance for young people, I was all the time the fire is concentrated in my body, and now there are people who can share. Guangzhou Daily: Star pressure has been discussed, how do you see? Lu Yi: I’ve been under a lot of pressure相关的主题文章: