Beauty Whenever we experience extreme back pain we usually disregard it and think that a little rest will .pensate. But sometimes an ache in the back does not mean that youre simply tired or you havent been doing the proper posture too often. Sometimes a simple back pain will have to be treated surgically just for it to go away. The usual treatment for this condition is spine fusion surgery wherein the damaged discs are removed so new discs can grow. But usually spine fusion is regarded as the last resort when all other options have been tried. Lumbar artificial disc replacement is considered as another great option and alternative to spinal fusion. Degenerative Disc Disease Lumbar Disc replacement surgery is seen as a treatment for some back conditions specifically for degenerative disc disease. As we age, without proper care and maintenance our bones will start to be.e brittle resulting into extreme back pains for most of us. When this happens the discs dehydrate and flatten out and degenerate in the process and the outer layer cracks which is why these discs need to be replaced to avoid back pain. The first option when it .es to degenerative disc disease is to perform non surgical procedures which include physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, and anti inflammatory medications. But as the case worsens the discs causing the pain should be removed and this is where lumbar disc replacement surgery .es in. Lumbar Disc Replacement Surgery The first disc replacement surgery was performed to patients in October of 2004 and a more improved technology was approved and performed in 2006. With more and more people choosing this procedure over spinal fusion, Lumbar artificial disc replacement is considered as the more popular choice when it .es to treating severe back pain. In this procedure, the disc causing all the pain is removed and a prosthetic implant, which is made of metal, is inserted in place of the damaged disc. The difference between this and spinal fusion surgery is that this allows disc motion while in spinal fusion, since parts of the spine have fused there is no movement in that specific part of the spine, decreasing motion in the back. But remember that not all back pains are treatable with lumbar disc replacement surgery. There are only specific cases which can be treated by this procedure. Before going into Surgery Tri City Regional Medical Center believes that we have to explore all options before we settle down with the final solution to any type of pain felt in any part of the body. Back pain can mean a lot of things and surgery may not only be the solution to it. About the Author: By: Stevan – Does your tummy bulge out and you need an instant solution to look beautiful for that date you have tonight. 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