Baby? Diet and nursing advice – morning cough Sohu maternal dry weather, more Yang Sheng season and environment is very easy to cause lung heat and dryness. The typical feature of lung heat for the red tongue, thick white fur, yellow nose, nasal flow, sore throat, cough with phlegm. Regardless of lung dryness, warm dryness or cool dryness, the result will lead to loss of Yin fluid, dry skin and body fluid loss and other symptoms, and hurt the children with immature lungs, manifested as dry mouth, cleft lip, stuffy nose, sore throat, paroxysmal cough, and even nosebleeds or spit blood tinged sputum and a series of similar. Respiratory tract infection sicca. In addition to seasonal and environmental reasons, the infant itself is weak organs function, improper diet, picky eaters, the partial eclipse, overeating, drink less, dressed, indigestion, but also lead to a common cause of lung fire. The children will lead to indigestion after sweating sweating phlegm, wind blows cold easily, cause the upper respiratory tract infection. The diet principle nasal dryness, dry lips, sore throat, dry cough in children, in addition to drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, spinach, lettuce, bitter melon, and three meals a day can also be appropriate to cook some Yin nourishing porridge to drink. The method is very simple, visual symptoms to choose nourishing lung yin and clear heat, cold and sweet juicy food: fruit: grapefruit, pears, water chestnuts, sugarcane, banana, mangosteen, kiwi, pitaya etc.. Which is the best fruit, grapefruit and prevent dryness, can prevent the child most prone to rough skin, dry mouth, dry stool dry phenomenon. And other vegetables: lotus root, caltrop, cabbage, carrot, yam, white radish, melon, tremella, lily, chrysanthemum, ginkgo, osmanthus, Glehnia root, Radix Pseudostellariae, lotus seeds, beans and soy products, such as herbs or ingredients can Polygonatum porridge, with lungs Sheng jin. To avoid the Xin fishy food stimulus, beef, mutton, fish do not eat suitable (edible white meat), easy to get angry not to eat fruit, such as pineapple, durian, longan etc.. R mom tip: unless necessary, do not recommend the use of Houzao powder fritillary, resistance to cold food in under the guidance of a doctor. Baby eating and nursing suggestions morning cough (please one by one investigation, the following conditions: 1), open room humidifier, need to use pure water, high water or dust impurities in the air into the respiratory tract. 2, light diet, especially too salty sweet food into the body will produce negative pressure absorption of mucous membrane and internal organs of the water, leading to mucosal immunity decreased redness, swelling and dry. 3, the amount of meat and milk, please read – infant dietary structure, do not exceed the standard. The intake of 4, yellow urine, abnormal taste baby and nourishing food to increase water intake (dry reading signs) 5, eat vitamin AE and Cod Liver Oil nuts food. Improve mucosal immunity, interfere with the loss of water相关的主题文章: