Media: Xu Yuyu is in the field of telecommunications fraud Wei Zexi Sohu in Shandong province Linyi city news Luozhuang high street in Tanzania community 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu, the college entrance examination this year with 568 points and was admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, on the 19 day she received a call from a liar telephone fraud, claiming that there is a $2600 grant to grant her. Due to the inexperienced girl cheated 9900 yuan tuition. On the way back to the police station and his family back to the police, the girl breathing cardiac arrest, after two days of hospital rescue, eventually died. This should be into the University of Xu Yuyu because of telephone fraud and never left the world, this life is sad. People will naturally ask, who killed Xu Yuyu? Different people have different interpretations of this, some people think that arch-criminal is leaked information on the candidates; others say, a 18 year old adults lack of life experience, the examination oriented education to blame; others say that life is frustrated, Xu Yulin cannot properly dispose of frustration, regret. Please note, however, that Xu Yuyu received the phone number 171! In fact, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and other places, have been involved in the telecommunications fraud involving section 170171, and Xu Yuyu suffered particularly painful. As everyone knows, in December 2013 the first batch of virtual operators pilot enterprises approved, paragraph 170171 of this is based on the "catfish" image, but now the "100 number 99 for fraud, gradually become a telecommunications fraud" line ", has become the hardest hit areas worthy of the name of telecommunications fraud. The media will be main reason section 170171 notorious, due to poor implementation of real name system operators, ambiguous attitude, lack of regulatory measures related to. Can say, the relevant departments of these years has been committed to the implementation of the mobile phone real name system, to carry out the special action of the black card "in the country, but the real name system in mid shout, but section 170171 does not seem to fall out of control how to change the trajectory. In April this year, the Ministry of emergency interviews with some of the real name system is not in place to implement the virtual operators, also issued a notice, the virtual operator requirements within 1 months of the non real name registration, false registration number, complete the user identity information board etc.. Since then, known as "the history of the place name system" issued, the ministry requires all the phone user name to rate before December 31st this year reached more than 95% in June 30, 2017, before all telephone users to achieve the real name registration. It is clear that before Xu Yuyu was fraud, paragraph 170171 has been a clear governance object. If governance is effective, Xu Yuyu can also receive this section of fraud phone? On the other hand, if you can not be completely early governance, telecommunications fraud when Hugh? In a sense, Xu Yuyu, is the telecommunications fraud in the field of Wei Zexi, they use the force of life force in the direction of acceleration and direction. We have been unable to save Xu Yuyu’s life, but to save the victim a telecommunications fraud, let the segment number 170171, which is able to do forsake heresy and return to the truth ",!相关的主题文章: