Arts-and-Entertainment Mickey Mouse is a classic children’s character who wins many new fans with each generation. And no ‘mouse mania’ party is complete without a full selection of Mickey Mouse party supplies. There is instant recognition with Mickey Mouse party supplies that showcase his famous image. Having a stuffed toy Mickey doll and Mickey posters hanging on the walls would be a great way to welcome the guests. Adorning the walls could be Mickey Mouse posters and plastic clings. Using paper Mickey plates and cups would be fun, but having reuable plastic plates and mugs that the guest can take home as favors would be even better. The utensils they use could bear mouse ears at the tips, and a vibrant Disney placemat could round out the place setting. Plan to have a Mickey centerpiece; this can be a balloon, doll or a piñata, that will go over big with the kids. A party cake with all the Mickey cartoon characters on it would be fun for the kids. After the meal, these same kids could gather in the recreational area for more Mickey magic, made possible by additional Mickey Mouse party supplies. Guests could wear Mickey masks and faux tails, playing party games such as Pin the Tail on the Mickey and playing around with Mickey balls and blow outs. Or perhaps they could bat around a paper mache piñata created in the likeness of Mickey Mouse. They even could slip on some oversized, Mickey-style shoes for a most unique foot race; just make sure that no one trips or topples over en route to the finish line. Have Mickey party favors and goody bags with the cartoon character on them ready for the little guest to take home with them. These take home treats could include Mickey dolls, action figures, stickers, coloring books, storybooks, and even DVD copies of Mickey Mouse cartoons. Guests also would appreciate cookies, candy bars, and wrapped chocolates in Mickey’s uncanny likeness. Remember the Mickey masks and ear and maybe a miniature Mickey or Minnie will make great favors for the kids to take with them to remember the party and the fun that they had there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: