Mother and daughter scheduled trip to Jeju Island at the turn of the way cattle net was closed during the period of "black house" eleven golden week, Mr. Guo by the way cattle net for his wife and mother-in-law for Jeju Island to South Korea five days tour. Mr Guo told the squad number 37, his wife and mother in October 2nd arrived in South Korea Daegu International Airport, with two people without the leader, and do not hold to the flight ticket stub, South Korean authorities found for individual travellers rather than the group of travelers, seized off the "black house" 24 hours after repatriation, passport also referred to in the chapter. Tuniu said, the case is the case, is caused by many reasons, is still in the party and consultations on compensation issues. Mr. Guo wife and mother-in-law was kept for 24 hours of "xiaoheiwu". Respondents for map Guo wife’s passport was covered with a "no entry". Taegu Airport was closed for respondents figure "black house" in mid September, Mr. Guo in the way cattle online for his wife and mother-in-law for five days to Jeju Island travel with the group, taking into account the time not much, chose Jeju Island as the destination of the visa. Travel period is from October 2nd to 6." In the contract offer provided by Mr. Guo, marked by international flights to Jeju Island directly, and then received a ticket, it is true that the transfer from Daegu, South Korea, and then fly to Jeju Island. Daegu International Airport, South korea. Photograph: Korea Tourism Bureau official website "did not care, that is certainly planning tuniu side." Mr. Guo to the squad number 37, October 2nd, his wife and mother-in-law in South Korea Taegu Airport after landing, two people were detained South Korean customs repatriation, the passport also covered "no entry" chapter. More than 11 in the morning, I received a phone call from his wife, said to be refused entry in South Korea, is now being sent to a closed cabin waiting for the return of the second day flight." Mr. Guo said, from the beginning of received a phone call, he has been trying to contact the tuniu customer service for help and guidance, mobile phone and landline phone is more than ten times. But the response is always being verified. Guo introduced his wife and mother-in-law and another couple of free, no windows at the Taegu Airport a "black house", was monitored under house arrest for 24 hours. In October 3rd 12, in South Korea under the requirements of the customs, they buy a day ticket, escorted back to the flight Chinese family. During the middle of the holiday is the mother’s birthday, had to work overtime, no way to accompany his family, want to let two people spent a special holiday abroad, I did not expect to encounter such a thing." Guo dissatisfaction, in recent days, they are in the comfort of his family, his mother is more than and 50 years old, the mental and physical state is not very good. Daegu International Airport "Xiaoheiwu inside". Tuniu said the case for respondents figure "case" being negotiated Guo believes that during the event, not handling the travel agency. "The wife and mother-in-law had been detained, I have been to the way cattle call, I hope you can quickly resolve the matter, but the other has reply being verified, there is no any scheme". Qin相关的主题文章: