Business Reliance Jio Info.m Limiteds (RJIL) highly anticipated fourth-generation mobile services (4G Services) are set to finally see the light of day in March 2015. Reliance Jio, a subsidiary of Indias largest Private Sector enterprise, Reliance Industries (RIL) is one of the newest tele. operators in India. However, the Mukesh Ambani-owned .pany is the only one to hold a pan-India 4G license which would enable it to offer cutting-edge services across the country. 4G is the next step in Indias growing tele. sector. Its estimated that the 4G network that RJIL will be hosting is about 12 times faster than current 3G networks. Reliance has invested considerably in these services the total investment is about Rupees 70,000 Crores over the past few years and the .pany is eager to see its efforts bear fruit. Hence, with a launch imminent at the close of FY 15, tele. experts are eagerly awaiting to see what RJIL brings to the market. The launch is expected to take place in two stages In the first stage, the services will be introduced in 5000 towns and cities. In the second stage, the network will be expanded in six lakh villages. Reliance Jio has also marketed the product very intelligently reaching out to niche audiences and venturing into territory that makes a lot of sense in the long term. For example, when RJIL showcased information about the products and services its going to offer at IIT-Bombays renowned tech fest in 2014, it garnered a lot of attention from the student .munity and mainstream media alike. In the fest, the .pany said that it will launch live TV streaming services simultaneously with 4G services. This is called Jio Play. Video on demand option will also be there will be called Jio World. There will also be Jio Drive in which every customer will be given 100 GB free storage. It is possible to store around 120 movies in this. Every customer of Reliance Jio will be given an appliance which is connected to the television. It is connected to the nearly tower though which Wi-Fi network is offered. Jio will also offer video streaming, video calling, VOIP services, instant messenger and payment services. There will be tele., education, entertainment and also reliance own applications to satisfy individual as well as corporate customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: