Museum of Shenyang the Imperial Palace cultural relics of more than 100 thousand pieces – Beijing Beijing in November 13 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Zhu Mingyu) Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum 13 news release, the number of cultural relics at the Institute of statistics for 105085 pieces of precious cultural relics, the number accounted for more than 30%. Shenyang the Imperial Palace is one of the China remaining two ancient royal palace buildings, the palace of Nur Ha Che and Taiji in the early Qing Dynasty, dating back nearly 400 years of history, in 2004 was listed as world cultural heritage. According to Bai Wenyu, President of the Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum, the Institute of comprehensive combing and statistics on the preservation of cultural relics, as of now the number of input artifacts more than 100 thousand pieces of precious cultural relics, of which the number is 39295, the general number of cultural relics 65790, has formed a relatively complete collection, storage, research and exhibition system of cultural relics. Shenyang the Imperial Palace cultural relics collection category rich, ceramics, painting, wood carving, tooth angle jade, gold and silver, metal ware, embroidery, lacquer, enamel, glass and so on more than 20 kinds, has a very high cultural value and scientific value. Especially the school of Tibetan military class cultural relics, such as the Qing Dynasty Nur Ha Che, the Qing Emperor Huang Taiji Sword and then use the Queen’s palace for weapons, the world’s only remaining in the Qing Dynasty Emperor’s weapons. Some of the weapons had been hidden in the Galafo Gong Lou, Changning Shengjing Mahal temple and other places, is a reflection of the Manchu "last thoughts" system, and the emperors of Qing Dynasty to the East tour will also pay attention to the Qing emperor Zhan Gong, "evidence of national language and ride". Bai Wenyu said that the the Imperial Palace in Shenyang in the Qing Dynasty was a collection of treasures of the Royal treasures, in modern times is the collection of the Ming and Qing Dynasties History and fine arts of National Museum. Shenyang the Imperial Palace in the history of architecture in the world is also a rare precious ancient architecture, is a common cultural treasures of mankind, in the history, art and science have outstanding value. At present, many cultural relics of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang have also been invited to the exhibition, many countries and regions of the public attention and praise. (end)相关的主题文章: