Nanjing, a bus driver drove halfway through the onset emergency parking a car passenger save modern Express News (reporter Wang Yi) yesterday around 1:30 in the afternoon, in the Nanjing White Horse Park entrance, a car traveling in the 40 bus suddenly stopped, passengers found that the driver fell to the driver’s seat, can not move, rushed to the police for help, while the driver in before losing consciousness, the first reaction is the emergency stop, turn off the car. Modern Express reporter found the sudden onset of the driver in the Drum Tower Hospital, she called Zhang Qian, before the onset of driving the normal running of bus lanes in the long side direction of the road south to north. Zhang Qian lying in bed, recalled, was driving a car, suddenly feel black eyes, ears to hear, his hands trembling, she realized that something was amiss, but the car was still more than a dozen passengers. She stopped the car and put out the fire. She said it was very difficult to stop at that time, after stopping himself collapsed in the driver’s seat, leaving only a little consciousness, a passenger to help the police." Subsequently, 110 and 120 rushed to the scene, she was sent to the hospital for treatment. There is no danger at present, waiting for inspection results. According to her lover, Mr. Geng said that Zhang Qian suffered from vertigo, every time pressure or too busy when might faint, from the time the disease has been more than a year.相关的主题文章: