Nanning Street into a Mazda Porsche out of a sentence: money is it the night of September 22nd, in the city of Nanning Hui Chun Road, a Mazda car suddenly reversing into a Porsche. The Porsche is worth about 1000000 yuan. Witnesses said the man in the car after the car said: "money is not it?" 22 at 11 pm, see the South China Morning Post reporter rushed to the scene, driving the Mazda man has been subdued by the police away from the scene. His car was parked on the sidewalk, and the rear end of the box had a sharp crash. Tens of meters away, Porsche still stopped at the scene did not move, the right rear taillights have been damaged, the right front, rear door and rear end of the box angle are obvious scratch (impact) marks. Police in the scene to take evidence. One of the city’s civilian mobile phone took a scene when the impact. Video display, Mazda is the first stop on the Porsche side, then quickly pulled out in front of tens of meters acceleration, after the stop, and then quickly reversing into Porsche direction. In the process, almost hit a woman who was crossing the road. Then, it is the tail of the Mazda heavy hit at the end of the Porsche car, making a lot of noise. At this point, there is a woman out of the "ah" a scream, but also shouted, "what do you want to do!" Video shooting witnesses said that this time is actually the second time in a few minutes Mazda hit Porsche, the first time because of the incident suddenly no one photographed. In second after the crash, the police did to the scene, the Mazda car still tens of meters within the scope of continuous driving, reversing, spin, and stop halfway to the Porsche side, Porsche knocked off to see the situation. Midway he got off a few times, but also to onlookers passers by lighter, but no one dared to lend him." Witnesses said the man had heard the fuzzy after the car said: "money is not it?" "He’s so crazy where some people dare to stop him……" Witnesses said, after the police arrived, the Mazda driver and got into the car, and continue to drive, a number of police cars in the scene to intercept. Finally, Mazda was forced to stop on the side of the sidewalk, then the driver was a number of police uniforms. "My wife and I don’t even know this guy." Driving a Porsche man said, fortunately, was not in the car, because his wife is 9 months pregnant. According to him, when his wife barber shop beside his car wash, just a few minutes parked on the roadside, and then someone to the store that your car knocked out, "look to know is deliberately being hit. It is understood that in the aforementioned video shouted, what do you want, the woman is actually the wife of the Porsche man. The woman told reporters that he did not know the crash man. Porsche driver said the car was spent more than a year ago to buy about 1400000 yuan. After the incident, he has reported insurance, insurance, told him to be accountable to the other party. As for the car how much money, he said to the 4S shop to assess the damage to know. Progress of the case, the police are still under investigation, will also continue to close the morning post.相关的主题文章: