Exclusive welfare state health mother, look forward to your home office – Sohu maternal for most women, will be faced with a choice, is to go out to work? Or do stay-at-home mom at home?, destined to sacrifice some time at home with the kids, life may be smaller. Children and fight the cause really is a "natural enemy"? Or you did not find the right direction? Before fourth state health mother exclusive recruitment, listen to what’s healthy mother said, may help you! Our health mother Mutong, baby four years old, I had to work to return to health in 2015 working in the oil, because of work time, after the birth of the baby, I can only choose to resign. Along with the baby three years time, I feel very happy, but happiness, more or less there will be a little confused, especially the baby was in kindergarten, this confusion is particularly evident. So, I re opened the road to job seekers, state health maternity hospital is my first choice, coincides with the National Health mother recruitment, I successfully become a health consultant during pregnancy. From production to work, I have never left the country health, home to go to work feeling very warm, no strangeness, and soon will be able to integrate into the work. I also worked in children and work on the choice of entanglements, but now I think it is not necessary, a job can let mother more strength, this strength is not only money, it is a kind of self-confidence, so that I can face life, in the face of the baby to a more brilliant mind, I think the baby will feel to this force. State health mother Li Jiayu, baby five years old, in 2011 2013 to return to the normal work, my baby was born in the state health, as the baby grew up again, the desire to work has become more and more strong, but I still have to work some of the requirements, the first is work and place to be fixed, the other is the best is the mother of industry, so as not to delay the work, and do not delay to take care of the baby. Back to the country’s health maternity hospital work is certainly my first choice, I do now is the customer service consulting work, every day for all kinds of questions during pregnancy among the pregnant mother answered, because I was in health mother, so I understand the mother’s thoughts, know their fears and worries, I have to do, is to use me the experience and knowledge, to provide them with accurate and timely joy, help them safely through pregnancy health. If the relationship between work and children, I think we can do "complementary", because I am a mother, I have a baby, so I know more about the mother and baby, this understanding can be in my work for me to provide more help, let me work better, forming a perfect virtuous cycle. National Health mother Wang Di, baby five years old, in 2014 to return to the country to go to work if I want to get rid of the status of full-time mother, to re join the cause of work, I think it may be a sense of responsibility. I think he has the responsibility to make more contributions to the family, set a better example for the baby, I don’t want to let the baby later wrote "my mother" composition, do not know how to describe me, so I want to work, let me become more stereo. After returning to China, I came from a.相关的主题文章: