New headquarters of Tencent: exploring the brush face entry, holographic projection and staff tracking in the center of Shenzhen software industry base in Nanshan District, two are still in the construction of steel building towers, mirror glass sharp sunlight, even if the surrounding high-rise buildings still appears to stand head and shoulders above others. This is the Tencent spent nearly $600 million to build a new headquarters building, will be completed in June next year. According to Bloomberg news, the two Tencent heart will be fully configured Internet of things, holographic projection guides, large laboratories, etc., to demonstrate a fan of technology companies. Tencent headquarters building design from the hands of the famous construction company NBBJ, the company’s masterpiece, including Amazon, Google, Samsung and Ali office building. The middle of the two buildings are connected by an open bridge. The bridge is a tea room, an auditorium, a conference room, an exhibition hall, and even a runway of 300 meters. In addition, the building there are Roof garden, swimming pool, climbing center, and a number of restaurants and a meditation room. The most interesting is that the building is equipped with a number of holographic projection guide, "Iron Man" Robert · small and medium, the operation of the will be able to operate the holographic projection interface can be seen everywhere. Highlight the details of the Internet of things, including: meeting room will automatically adjust the temperature according to the presence of the staff, the car park will automatically remind the best parking point. In addition, the new headquarters of the dreaded "black technology" have greatly increased the difficulty of lazy employees: employees wear badges or signs can locate each person in the building location, can be accurate to the room. This system is also very secure in terms of security, there will be a face recognition system at each gate. WeChat as Tencent’s most proud of the product, of course, will be fully used in the new headquarters building system. Employees and visitors will be able to get parking guidelines through WeChat, but also with WeChat to choose the elevator floor. Tencent not hesitate for this huge networking system resources, not just for the new headquarters of the "face", Ma Huateng on the field of networking ambitions known. So this combination of networking in the latest technology headquarters, is actually the Tencent’s own networking platform test base. Wan Chao, general manager of the planning and Design Department of Tencent, said in an interview: the headquarters is the next generation of intelligent equipment, a large test site." Let Tencent employees through their own technical testing and product experience, and then develop a suitable marketing strategy, is a special mission of the building. It is reported that Ma Huateng has also been involved in the design of the new building, including the selection of the company’s universal ergonomic office chairs. Wan Chao said that the construction is progressing well, in June next year, the building will usher in the first batch of Tencent employees stationed. (source: 3DM) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: