4 inch iPhone SE next year will be canceled, changed to replace the 4.7 inch Apple Technology (Apple) – Sohu (2016) in March 31st this year to sell 4 inch iPhone SE new machine, but if Apple according to product update cycle about 1 years time, next year (2017) March may see the next generation of iPhone SE, but hold the expected Apple fans fear to be disappointed, apple is rumored to maintain high gross margin, and in order to avoid the impact of the iPhone 7 series aircraft sales performance in March next year, will not be a generation of iPhone SE models. Gori.me, iPhone Mania and other Japanese website AppleInsider reporting 4 reports that Apple has repeatedly accurately predicted the trend of investment products KGI well-known analyst Guo Ming said that apple? In order to maintain high gross margin, and in order to avoid the sales performance of iPhone 7 series aircraft have an impact, so it may not be the next generation of iPhone SE was launched in March 2017. However, Guo Ming? Only said Apple may not launch next generation SE in March next year, but did not mention after April will launch the next generation, so SE is still likely to debut in April, but we still do not have a generation of SE related information, rumors out of specification. In addition, Guo Ming pointed out that due to weak demand? Chinese, 4.7 inch iPhone shipments reduced, plus not launched the second generation iPhone SE, so the estimated first half of the 2017 iPhone shipments will fall into recession, and this situation and in order to comply with in order to maintain high gross margin, Apple may require parts manufacturers to cut prices, estimated the fastest in November the slowest, December, parts suppliers may be forced to cut prices, but like Samsung, TSMC, the key parts of the main suppliers due to have a strong bargaining power, so the material will not be affected, which may even Samsung to Apple 3GB DRAM and 3D NAND is required to improve the Flash price, the main parts supply. Guo Ming estimates, 2017 Q1 (1-3 months) iPhone shipments will decline from 1 to 4000-5000 million in the same period last year to million, in 2017 Q2 will decline from 40 million 400 thousand to 3500-4000 million. The first figure source: Flickr for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews technology, without authorization, any media, websites or individuals may not be copied, reproduced, or otherwise use the contents of this website, howstuffworks.com. WeChat scan two-dimensional code or search WeChat public number (TechNews Science News) on us. Key words: iPhone 8, iPhone SE echo echo release date of November 2016 07 08:57 classification Apple, iPhone share相关的主题文章: