Finance Every day you have some or the other petty expenses that has to be paid off. Banks are considered as the safest and the most trusted means for money transactions. If you require a loan at any point of time, having a bank account which is active in your name is one of the essential eligibility conditions. No credit check bank accounts are here to help you. As the name explains there is no credit checks conducted. Bad credit holders can also open these accounts. It is of great help to one and all. Having a bank account gives you many services which help you in the long run. You get an interest for your savings. Moreover once you have opened an account, you are provided with a passbook. The passbook records the transactions between you and the bank. It is like a copy of your bank account. You are also given a cheque book. With the help of this book you can make payments to third party, or withdraw money from your account. Withdrawal slips are provided to customers to withdraw money from their account. In addition you can also use your mobile phone to access banks to use after bankruptcy provided by the bank. Another advantage is that you need not visit the bank personally; you can use the internet as well to carry on services provided. You get a passbook which bears the details of your transaction with the bank. The borrower gets facilities like; overdraft facilities, telephonic exchange, credit card and debit card with low affordable fees. The transactions between the borrower and the bank cannot be revealed to any other person. There is .plete secrecy of the customers account. To activate this account the person should be a citizen of the UK and his minimum age should be 18. He should submit his ID and address proof. If the verification process is done and approved, the services are available for the borrower to manage his funds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: