Northeast natural products: authentic Chinese cabbage pickled cabbage! Or the old altar acid – Sohu and delicacy Texun news November 4th, remember CCTV has broadcast a home advertising, son back to the north from the south, go home Snow gleams white. in front of the flat, in the window in the kitchen is full of cover dumplings, boiled dumplings are boiled with boiling water…… I think this is some pickled cabbage dumplings. I love the Northeast sauerkraut regardless of their delicacy without love, always not open around sauerkraut. Northeast of the winter before the greenhouse without any fresh vegetables are not long, the winter can only be boiled cabbage potatoes, cabbage stew potatoes. In addition, the northeast family, there will be a large tank, does not hold water, buy one hundred or two hundred kilograms of cabbage, pickled, big stone and put pressure on a piece of Chinese cabbage. When one, in this pickle cylinder around the house, the house, into the building, pickle cylinder also followed into the corridor. The pickle cylinder is open, a cured a taste of home, neighbors often give each other. Copy the pickle cylinder can even simply directly to others on a back to eat, the neighbors will be regarded as he recognized technology pickled sauerkraut, but I’m afraid you feel shy. The neighborhood Pro thick, all in a pickle jar mouth. I read a piece of material, Zhang Zuolin’s younger son, Zhang Xueliang the younger brother of general Zhang Xuesi, after the liberation of the officer to chief of staff of the Navy, "persecuted during the Cultural Revolution", have occasion to eat most is a pickle. It seems not so ordinary people, military and political leaders, as long as the northeast, it is no exception. In the Northeast sauerkraut, probably as Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) in Beijing, foreigners is difficult to understand. Compared with people in the south of northeast pickled cabbage, lack of strength. The taste is sour, but everyone should be law-abiding, salty. Like a person, can do not hate everyone who gets along well with everyone, but also quite boring. However, the Northeast sauerkraut, water washed many times, sour or very strong. Outsiders, and local people do not eat, can not stand the son to open a pickle cylinder instantly rushed the taste of the nose, the first to the sky. Sauerkraut is a all-match dish. The most classic eat farmer too "pig food" — a piece of pork, sausage, remove the flesh (tick down from the flesh, flesh) and sauerkraut stew together, finally served in a large bowl of aluminum, pickled pork after sublimation, fragrance overflowing. Imagine, from chilling temperatures, raging storm, back to the warm house baked Tukang, Kang table was set for a reeky pig food and wine, one family sitting around gobble down. This warm and simple northeast is the most desirable taste, cold, warm. In addition to pig food, pickled pork dumplings will also appear in the TOP list of the Northeast delicacy. Now there are many supermarket frozen dumplings, there are a variety of fillings, but more diverse, more delicate and not feel too amiable. The big northeast pickled pork stuffing dumplings are often big belly, a bite on the flow of oil, sauerkraut stimulation and pleasure carnivorous organic combination. Say, in addition to sauerkraut acid, is not what special]相关的主题文章: