The fruit is not saturated, you always hear lip color is not tender enough fruit color in particular fire? What color are looked grapefruit honeydew natural and tender? See the beans in the magazine are coated with this light fruit color, looks super beautiful! Of course there will be buyers buyers show show, such as Yang Zi caught such a shape, looks tired, is the same with grapefruit color, looks like a night for several nights of powerlessness. The same painted light peach color small, the people have a sick feeling, feeling tired look. There is also Dong Jie, when the shape of a scared out of countless friends, it is familiar with the white lotus it? Follow the popular color away and no mistake about what the key is a different color will have different color requirements, such as the Yang Zi scared everybody the honeydew. In fact the biggest problem is not looking rosy, see a small series of 50 Fen effects: the look is not there look a lot? In fact, melon color or grapefruit color or although these colors have been accurate to have a nickname name, but in fact there is a range of the most recent take the most popular example: Grapefruit color from dark to light actually is grapefruit color category, but this is ripe grapefruit to what extent. You can feel the magazine female models with grapefruit color looks very natural, but you also need to pay attention to their skin and you are not there? They are not playing the blush? The fruit color is light on your skin more demanding, is not to say that the skin white painted light will look good, but the skin white is a light colored lipstick coated condition, and a condition is to have a touch of blush, but most of the time, you do not find it. For example, you should choose the color yellow, with yellow (warm) orange or brown. Color: Guerlain kisskiss lipstick color number: 341 color number: Shiseido porcelain glaze light Honey Lip Gloss OR303 if your skin is ruddy type, should choose bright colors like red, big pink is good. Innisfree Aqua Ningcai slim lipstick 6 Clinique Color Lip Glaze small number: HAPPY POP if you are fair skinned, should choose a bright orange or pink color, tender and bright colors. Estee Lauder flower like lipstick color number: 280TOM FORD LIPS & BOYS lipstick color number: ROCCO if you can choose the color is black, or strong or light color, if you black to Rihanna’s level, can choose more concentrated berry color, or naked color (shades can be just a different style), if you do not Rihanna black to that level, color can be partial red berries. BOBBI BROWN pure luxury gold lipstick color number: 12 Dior ROUGE LIPSTICK color number: unique相关的主题文章: