Note: father Zhu Ting home made king kill home only 3 chickens in the original title: Zhu Ting home record: mother smelling female, Guo Xiangfu will Zhengzhou Xinhua sports news September 9th Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Jinhui Wang Shuo, the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball team MVP Zhu Ting finally and family reunion, Zhu fatigued with the journey ting on the evening of 8 and to see most of the parents and relatives to eat a meal of family reunion dinner. In order to let Zhu Ting sleep well, daddy Zhu Anliang specially for the people she ordered one. 2 meters long and 1 meters wide, 3 8 bed. In order to let Zhu Ting eat, Zhu Anliang took home only three chickens killed, also went to the pond caught some fish up a few days ago; Zhu Ting’s mother picked fresh vegetables from the ground, for daughter love to eat noodles. In order to reunite the family, Zhu Ting in Wuxi to work sister also rushed home. Mei Zhu Ting parents specially prepared for her food hav’e Zhu Ting hall sister-in-law for her bed. This is a bed scene that Zhu Ting’s father, specifically looking for custom-made, reminiscent of "Mulan poem" in fragments: mother smelling female, Guo Xiangfu; her sister, married a Greek; younger sister to smell, like pagans sharpening. Mei Zhu ting (middle) and two sisters together "our family has been four or five years since the reunion, this is not something that is not coming back, before this, before Zhu ting to Turkey, finally happy, this is the happiest moment," Zhu Anliang said, "Zhu Ting after years away after the Rio Olympics did not come back, we have been talking about her, what time can you come back." Mei Zhu ting and parents, two sisters together "but her schedule is too full, the back will accompany us one day." Zhu Anliang said, from 2007 to now, Zhu Ting School of 9 years, Zhu Ting at the time of a total of not more than one month, the longest time is 7 days. Mei Zhu Ting’s mother Yang Xuelan in preparing food, preparing more competitions and training and participate in various activities of the busy busy for dinner, Zhu Ting said, still love training feeling, "but such a concern is, we struggle to come, but also because we love volleyball, women’s volleyball China love the collective". Zhu Ting 11 days to return to Beijing, 12 to Turkey, so this time at home is not a long time, "just want to chat with their parents at home, what kind of chat". This is Zhu ting for the first time back to the home of the Dancheng County, she came back to the family with a few large gifts, eat, have used. Zhu Ting was born in 1994 in Dancheng County of Henan province building Zhu Qiu Qu village, parents are farmers, a repair agricultural vehicle repair household income mainly by father Zhu Anliang opened the shop. Now, there are more than 4 acres of Zhu Ting home, this season is full of corn, the afternoon of the end of the 8. In 2007, Zhu Ting entered the sports school in Henan Province, the height is 1 meters 79. 1 years later, Zhu Tingjin of Henan Province youth team. In 2010, Zhu Ting entered the national youth team, began to emerge in the world arena. Mei Ting Zhu home put honor certificate and competition photos of Zhu ting for the first time China volleyball play in 2013, is the World Grand Prix of Macao station, the station with her teammates to victory won the Macao championship, and she was taken相关的主题文章: