Obama was the first major blow to veto 911 case was a bipartisan Sohu to overthrow the military channel of Taiwan Central News Agency reported on 29 September, the U.S. Senate in 28, by 97 votes to 1 votes more than the number of poor, overrode President Obama’s veto of a bill 911, the bill allows the original 911 families of the victims of the terrorist attack accused Saudi arabia. Obama as president for the first time in nearly 8 years, this dilemma. Obama, 23, on the grounds of damage to the security interests of the United States on the grounds, rejected the Congress approved by the "9. 11" terrorist attacks on survivors and relatives of the victims sued the Saudi government bill. According to the constitution, Congress is still able to present three of the vote to override the president’s veto, forced the bill into law. Agence France-Presse said the only 1 votes against the overthrow of Obama’s allies, from the U.S. Senate minority leader Harry Harry (Reid) voted. The house of Representatives subsequently voted 348 votes in favor, the result of a vote of 77 against Obama’s veto. The United States bipartisan vote for the rare fruit, this is a major blow to Obama, because he had lobbied hard against the members of Congress called on terrorism sponsor legal sanctions act "(JASTA) bill. Obama has vetoed 12 bills in the presidency, and so far, there has never been a 1 overthrow, in the Republican controlled Congress, which is a great achievement. The White House spokesman Ernest lashed out vote of Congress, said this is the 30 years of the Senate did "the most embarrassing thing," JASTA will destroy the principle of sovereign immunity, and he was put to open the door, lawmakers did not fulfill the basic responsibilities entrusted by the American people. Because Saudi Arabia is an important ally in the fight against the Islamic state action, most of the American media that the act would have a serious negative impact on relations between the two countries, may hurt the U.S. military deployment in the middle east.相关的主题文章: