The evening of October 28th listed companies to reduce the investment announcement list: Irving king contest peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News on Friday evening, a number of listed companies issued a two reduction announcement. Hebei Xuangong: the second largest shareholder of Hebei Xuangong holdings of 2 million 410 thousand shares of the second largest shareholder of Hebei state owned assets Holdings Limited operations as of October 28, 2016 closing, held by the asset management plan shares 2 million 410 thousand and 808 shares have all holdings completed reduction ratio of 1.22%, the transaction price per share of 20.64 yuan. Murray: Chinese Singapore intends to shareholders cloud clearance 6 million 500 thousand shares held 6500000 shares (Murray cloud accounted for 0.93% of the total capital ratio) of the shareholders China Xinyuan Asset Management Co plans to announcement 15 trading days from the date within 6 months to concentrate on the auction holdings of shares 6500000 shares (accounting for 0.93% of the total capital ratio). Sannuo: the controlling shareholder intends to holdings does not exceed 28 million shares accounted for more than 8.28% Sannuo bio controlling shareholders and actual controllers Che Hongli (currently holds 33.68% stake in the company) plans three days after six months from the date of the announcement, intends to holdings of shares not exceeding a total of 28 million shares (accounting for 8.28% of the total share capital). The maximum reduction of the implementation plan, Che Hongli will hold 25.41% of the shares of the company. Longhua saving: the controlling shareholder intends to holdings does not exceed 85 million shares accounted for more than 9.64% Longhua energy controlling shareholder, actual controller Li Zhanming, Li Zhanqiang, Li Mingqiang, Li Mingwei 4 (acting together hold 55.82% stake in the company), plan holdings by way of bulk trading company shares does not exceed 85 million shares, the total share capital the proportion of 9.64%. If this reduction plan after the full implementation of the above 4 people together hold shares of the company 407301092 shares, accounting for the total share capital of 46.18%, is still the controlling shareholder of the company, the actual controller. Kangtuo infrared: company executives holdings of 440 thousand shares of common maocai Kangtuo infrared executives in October 28, 2016, through the Shenzhen stock exchange trading system to reduce holdings of 440000 shares, accounting for 0.16% of the total share capital, the average price of 22.01 yuan holdings of shares. LIAN Internet: controlling shareholder holdings of more than 25 million 440 thousand accounted for 4.31% of the shares of LIAN Internet controlling shareholder Li Hongguo in October 27, 2016, 28, through the trading total holdings of shares 25445640 shares, accounting for 4.31% of the total share capital. After this reduction, Mr. Li Hongguo still holds 139670101 shares of the company shares, accounting for the total share capital of 23.66%. CITIC Securities: three quarterly earnings drop 50% gold card holdings of about 18 million 560 thousand shares of CITIC Securities 2016 third quarterly report, operating income of 27 billion 40 million yuan, down 36.24%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of 79.4相关的主题文章: