Music Flamenco is a Spanish classical art which consist of three parts of music, dance, and guitar playing. The flamenco music is basically constructed with strong rhythmic undertones that are ac.panied with the passionate dance with vigorous movement. It’s considered as a part of Spanish culture, but the place of origin for flamenco is Andalusia. The golden period of flamenco music is considered between the periods of (1869-1910). During the period of 1910 to 1955 flamenco singing became easier with the .bination of opera flamenco. The real renaissance in flamenco was started in 1955 with the rise of Antonio Mairena as a great artist. The flamenco music has the influence of Salsa, Bossa Nova, and Jazz etc. The flamenco music is getting popularity all over the world because of its resemblance with the Jazz music. The soothing effect of this music is recently recognized. On our online store we provide a vide range of flamenco music. Jazz music: The roots of jazz music lies in American musical art form that developed around the initial times of 20th century in New Orleans. It’s basically a .bination of variety of musical traditions including spirituals, hymns, hillbilly music blues and ragtime etc. The instruments used in marching bands and dance band music in the beginning of 20th century became the fundamental instruments of the jazz. Perhaps Jazz and Blues are two pillars of American music. With the introduction of the new music art, the Jazz music became popular as relaxation music for the whole world. In the later half of 1970 and beginning of 1980s the Jazz music took a new turn with its fusion with the pop music generated a new form called smooth jazz. It is perhaps the most positive step in the history of Jazz music which made it popular all over the world. This can be considered as an era that was responsible for the origin of new age music that is more .mercial form of music. Many new artists step up in this age and contributed a lot to the assets of the soothing music. There are many famous artists of this great music who are popular all over the world. The new age singers are contributing to this great music style a lot. The most popular smooth Jazz artists are Nora Jones, Lious Armstrong, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Amadas Estrellas, Enigma, Mark Callibery etc. mostly Nora Jones is very popular Jazz artist all over the world her tracks are known for the quality music along with the good .position. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: