Opera fantasy, as the bear left law exactly is who? – Zhang Hengrui Chinese entertainment Sohu foreign name BIG guy alias 216CM China national full height Swiss nationality born in Beijing date of birth 1990.10.18 occupation college graduation film and television actor famous athletes of Beijing Sport University main achievement was selected in 2008 the same year the disciple of Kobe, the Guangdong tigers won 4 national the Youth League in 2011 transferred to the Jiangsu Tongxi basketball club for the first time in 2014 was invited to participate in the film brothers run it, as the giant gunner officially entered the entertainment circle role. 2015 shooting of Guo Jingming novel Hunan TV drama fantasy, as the bear left law enforcement. Hunan TV series filmed in January 2016 of odd fresh clothes horse angry teenager, as Hercules king. In the play, Wu Lei and Hao Shaowen have a very good opponent. April 2016 in India for the filming of a cinema film directed by Baoqiang Wang "havoc in tianzhu". Play the role of Lin Yongjian and Ma Yuke in the play. True, witty style of performance was appreciated by director Baoqiang Wang. June 2016 invited guest Beijing TV "housewives have to fight" series, the giant security role. Zhang Hengrui was born in a family of sports judo. Height 216cm, weight 140KG aunt Zhang Ying is 1990, 1994 Asian Games judo champion. But he grew up in love basketball, determined to be a basketball player. A strange combination of circumstances under the showbiz, as a special type of actor, performance characteristics: real, down to earth, good shape, and a foolish bandit robber giant series of character roles.相关的主题文章: