Travel-and-Leisure Almost everything we do is made easier with the help of mobile apps — from checking whether, organizing your schedule, checking your restaurants within your location to ordering a taxi cab. Gone are the days when you need to stand along the side walk and do desperate things only to get the attention of the cab driver. Some taxi cab service .panies allow cab reservation via phone, but this system is proven to be inefficient as not all phone calls are given attention. At first, they will keep your call on hold with an annoying music background. Then, unless you keep calling their line, you will never know if they actually sent a taxi to pick you up from your current location. There are instances when your cab doesn’t turn up and this situation can be really infuriating, especially if you are in a rush. If you want to get a taxi cab instantaneously, consider downloading a Luxor Cab mobile app to your smart phone. Luxor Cab provides offers a cutting-edge smart phone booking technology that makes booking a cab simple and straightforward. With just three clicks, customers are able to reserve a cab in an instant and know the driver’s name. This innovative taxi app also allows you to get a fare estimate by providing both pickup and destination addresses. Once you finished making reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation number for your cab booking reservation and a notification regarding the vehicle number once your reservation has been dispatched. A taxi mobile app will help you watch the progress of your taxi cab closely as it travels towards your location. What’s more, Luxor Cab mobile app allows you to pay for the ride using your handheld device. If you plan to rebook the same trip or monitor your fare expenses, Luxor Cab application retains a history of your previous reservations. And speaking of convenience, you may also make a list of favorite locations to speed up the booking process and customize your orders by determining the number of passengers, preferred mode of payment, vehicle type and the like. How to Get A Luxor Cab application? Download the Luxor Cab from iTunes app store or Google play store. Next, create an account by supplying the required sign up information such as email, name, mobile number and password. After that, you have to validate your account via the confirmation email you receive. Once your registration has been confirmed you can now login to the app. At this instant, you are set to book your trip! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: